2017 Beijing International Cycle Industry Summit (Sharing Economic Golden Epoch

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    Organizer: Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Co., LTD
    Duration: 2017-07-08 - 2017-07-08
    Hours: 09:30 - 15:45
    Venue: China National Convention Center•Beijing
    Address: No.7 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100105 China
    City: Beijing
    Contact: Lisa ZHOU
    Tel: 0086-10-59273853
    Fax: 0086-10-58236567
    Mobile: 0086-15210244063
    Email: lisa@zhenweiexpo.com
    Website: http://www.bjcycle.com.cn/en/
    2017 Beijing International Cycle Industry Summit  (Sharing Economic Golden Epoch
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● Theme :
Inspire Value,Create future ! 激活价值,创享未来!

● Background:
Since the 20th century, Mankind has changed the process of social development with explosive innovation. Today, the shared economy is launching a new technological innovation, and the “golden epoch” of this economy is coming fast.

Due to the above fact that the 2017 Beijing International Cycle Industry Summit (Sharing Economic Golden Epoch) will be held during Beijing International Bicycle Exhibition 2017 and will invite embassy representatives, government officers, sharing economic enterprise representatives, industry experts, scholars and sharing-transportation enterprise representatives at the same platform to communicate. There, they will deeply analyze the meaning of sharing economy, the business models of the bicycle-sharing companies and predict the development direction of sharing economy in cycling domain. Meanwhile, many influential media will be invited to give us a multi-angle and profound report of the excellent project in this pageant.

l Time & Place:
Time:July 8th, 2017
Place:China National Convention Center·Beijing
(No.7 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100105 China)
● Program【峰会议程】(To be confirmed):
2017 Beijing International Cycle Industry Summit
Sharing Economic Golden Epoch 【2017北京国际cycle产业峰会 - 共享黄金时代】 July 8th AM:Opening Ceremony & Beijing International Cycle Industry Summit
2017年7月8日 上午:展览会开幕式暨cycle产业论坛 Object
【版块】 Time
【时间】 Content
【内容方向】 Theme
【主题】 Opening Ceremony
【开幕式】 09:30-10:00 Opening Ceremony
[开幕式] Agenda of Opening Ceremony [开幕式流程] International Resource
【国际资源】 10:00-10:30 Dialogue of Embassy [邀请驻华使馆贵宾对话] International resources of two-wheels Industry Country-to-Country Dialogue [两轮车产业国家资源对话] Invited Guest
【嘉宾】 Indonesia Embassy Counselor: Mr. Dandy S. Iswara
[印度尼西亚使馆,商务参赞] Lao’s Embassy Counselor : Mr. Sathiane Phouthabandid
[老挝使馆,公使衔参赞] French Embassy Counselor: Mr. Clement Marquet
[法国使馆-商务投资署,商务参赞] National Policy【政府政策】 10:30-10:45 Leaders of Sharing-bike Enterprise
[共享单车上级领导部门主题演讲] 1. Sharing in order, make the industry grow healthily.
[有序共享让行业健康成长] 10:45-11:00 Leaders of Sharing-bike Enterprise (Government Cash Resource and Responsibility)
[邀请共享单车上级领导部门主题演讲(政府的开源与承担的职责)] 2. Government & Sharing-bike Enterprise Join Hands, how to create a better future.
[政府与共享车企联姻如何“鸾凤和鸣”] Invited Guest
【嘉宾】 Jiao Tongmin - Chief Director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport Managing Bureau [北京市交通委员会运输管理局自行车租赁处 处长 焦桐敏] Zhou Jidong- Director of the Legal Affairs Office of the people's Government of Beijing Municipality [北京市政府法制办主任 周继东] Capital Market【资本市场】 11:00-11:30 Invited Sharing Economic Investor Dialogue邀请共享经济投资方对话] Capital Ignite sharing Passion [资本点燃共享激情] Invited Guest
【嘉宾】 ZHU Xiaohu-Partners of GSR Ventures
XU Xiaoping-Founder of ZhenFund
ZHANG Ying-Founder Partner of Matrix Partners China
SHEN Nanpeng-Global Executive Partner of Sequola Fund [金沙江创投基金合伙人朱啸虎、真格基金创始人徐小平、经纬中国创始合伙人张颖、红杉资本全球执行合伙人沈南鹏] Brand Enterprise
【品牌企业】 11:30-12:00 Round table of the enterprises representatives
[展商代表进行圆桌会谈] Future is coming, where is the way?
[未来已来,路在何方?]         July 8th PM, Sharing bicycle conference
2017年7月8日下午:共享单车专场 Object
【版块】 Time
【时间】 Speaker
【主讲嘉宾】 Theme
【主题】 Key Speech
【主题演讲】 14:00-14:25 Mr. DAI Wei, Funder of ofo [ofo创始人戴威演讲] Six-time survived from failure- From zero to Unicorn [从0到独角兽的六次逆袭] 14:25-14:50 Mr. QIU Liming, Funder of Deerbike
[小鹿单车创始人主题演讲] A Craftsman’s Heart for Tomorrow [一颗匠心为明天] Invited Guest
【嘉宾】 Dai Wei-Funder of ofo, Qiu Liming-Founder of Deerbike
[ ofo创始人戴威、小鹿单车创始人仇黎明] Technology Analysis
【技术讲解】 14:50-15:15 Enterprise New Technology Promotion
[企业新技术宣传] To be confirmed
[待定] Invited Guest
【嘉宾】 Summit Sponsor (Sharing-bike Industry Chain Related)
[峰会赞助方(共享单车产业链相关)] Round-table Dialogue
【圆桌会谈】 15:15-15:45 Dialogue of Representative from Sharing-bike Enterprise & Scholar & Government [共享单车企业代表、学者、政府代表对话] Sharing-bike-Make people happy and worry
[ 共享单车:让人欢喜让人忧] Invited Guest
【嘉宾】 Sharing-bike Enterprise Representative: Mr. LI Gang - Bluegogo
[共享单车企业代表:小蓝单车李刚 ] Scholar: Mr. JIN Yongshen – Honory Director of Beijing Transport Institute
[学者:北京交通发展研究院名誉主任 全永燊 ] Government Representative: Mr. GAO Yang-Technical Responsible Person of Beijing Academy of Urban Planing & Design
[政府代表:北京城市规划院技术负责人 高扬]

Further information and attdndance registration form about the summit, please feel free to contact us.

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