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Practical Expressions for Spring Festival

2013 Chinese New Year
On the first day of Lunar Year, Chinese people traditionally go from house to house to visit their friends, relatives, and neighbors. This action is called Bainian (bài nián拜年) in Chinese, which means “to pay a New Year’s call” . People start the first day of a year by having breakfast earlier than usual, dressing children in new clothes, and heading out to pay a lot of visits.  If you are an expat living in China, this is a perfect opportunity to express your best wishes. Come to learn some expressions at the last moment!

Daily Figurative Slangs (86)

Chinese slangs

Have nothing to do with each other.

【发音】fēng mǎ niú bù xiāng jí

            In ancient times, there is such a long distance between Qi and Chu that horses and cattle wouldn’t enter the other side.

           I don't see it has anything to do with what we're talking about.

           A question about arithmetic is irrelevant in a music lesson.

Daily Figurative Slangs (85)

Chinese slangs

Stab in the back.

【发音】fàng lěng jiàn

            Used as a metaphor to refer to playing tricks behind sb.'s back, or secretly getting sb. into trouble.

           He often stabs people in the back, which enrages me.

           Base and crafty cowards, are like the arrow that shoots in the dark.

Daily Figurative Slangs (84)

Chinese slangs

Insist on getting to the bottom of the matter.

【发音】dǎ pò shā guō wèn dào dǐ

            In Chinese, inquiring shares the same pronunciation with “crack” which is in pottery or jade. The phrase indicates one’s perseverance on questioning and finding out the truth.

           The interviewer asked some very searching questions but the government spokesman didn't drop his guard for a second.

           Xiao Ming always asks why and he'll never be satisfied until he knows everything.

Daily Figurative Slangs (83)

Chinese slangs


【发音】dòng bú dòng

            This phrase means someone is easily inclined to do something.

           He's such a sissy he easily breaks down and cries.

           He's always making unwarranted accusations against others. His manner is intolerably aggressive.

Daily Figurative Slangs (82)

Chinese slangs


【发音】dǐng guā guā

            The quality of goods or performance is excellent or extremely good.

           She is second to none among all the graduates.

           The quality of this sweater is excellent!

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