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Magic Tibet XIV -- Nyingchi

Location: Located in the southeast of the Tibet Autonomous Region on the middle and lower reaches of the Brahmaputra (Yarlung Tsangpo River 雅鲁藏布江), Nyingchi (lín zhī 林芝) Prefecture is an inevitable pass to Tibet from Yunnan (yún nán 云南) and Sichuan (sì chuān 四川). It neighbors Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (dí qìng zàng zú zì zhì zhōu 迪庆藏族自治州) of Yunnan Province in the east, and is bordered by Lhasa (lā sà 拉萨) in the west. In the south, it shares boundary with India and Burma. The government of Nyingchi is seated in Bayi Town (bā yī zhèn 八一镇), over 400 kilometers from Lhasa.

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Kaohsiung (gāo xióng 高雄) is the southern port city and the biggest center of industry in Taiwan. It also encompasses a number of historic sites which, whether you are interested in traditional architecture or Western buildings from the colonial era, are well worth a visit.

The city is also a vital transportation hub. Shipping and commerce developed here at an early age, and quite a few sites are left from those times: city walls from the Qing Dynasty period, the old British Consulate (dǎ gǒu yīng guó lǐng shì guǎn 打狗英国领事馆), the Qihou Fortress and Lighthouse, and other relics rich in historical significance. The old British Consulate, for example, was built during the Qing Dynasty as the first official foreign consulate in Taiwan and might be called the premier Western building on the island. A part of Taiwan’s architectural history it is well worth studying. Precious historical materials, pictures, artifacts, and models from the Kaohsiung area are displayed inside the consulate building, which is also known as the Kaohsiung Historical Museum.

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Beijing Jiaotong University

Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU), located at Xizhimenwai of Beijing, is a national key university of China, directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education. Her predecessor is Beijing Railway Management Training Institute and Beijing School of Posts and Telecommunications, set up by Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Qing Dynasty.In 1921, the school merged with two industrial technical schools in Shanghai and Tangshanto form the National Jiaotong University, with three branch universities in Beijing, Shanghai and Tangshan respectively. BJTU was then called as Beijing Campus of National Jiaotong University.

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How to see a doctor in China?
It is never nice to fall sick or ill in a strange country. What happens if you do and need to seek medical help? Let us provide you with some useful medical advize and tips and how
to seek medical help or assistance in China.

The Chinese medical system comprises mostly of public and private hospitals. Small and personalized clinics are still
uncommon.Big cities in China like Beijing and Shanghai have hospitals,clinics and dentists
established for foreigners.
Javier Miqueleiz: Guangzhou in the 111 Faces

Javier MiqueleizJavier Miqueleiz, a Spanish photographer in Guangzhou, is working on his project of "111 faces in Guangzhou" which shows the portrait photos of 111 people, mostly foreigners, living in the city. Now he will share with us the project and his story.

How to show a city as a whole to the rest of the world? For Javier Miqueleiz, one of the best ways is through the people that are living there. That's the intention behind conducting such a photography project as "The 111 Faces in Guangzhou".
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