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Long Term Housing in China

China Housing

More than likely your employer will set you up with an apartment, for which the cost to you should be minimal. You may or may not be in a building with other Westerners; often teachers at a university or a large school will all live in a "Panda House," or "apartments for foreigners."

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Chiang Kai-shek's Former Residence

 Chiang Kai-shek's Former Residence
Chiang Kai-shek's Former Residence
(jiǎng jiè shí gù jū 蒋介石故居) is located in Xikou Town (xī kǒu zhèn 溪口镇), Ningbo City (níng bō shì 宁波市), Zhejiang Province (zhè jiāng shěng 浙江省). There are Wenchang Pavilion (wén chāng gé 文昌阁), Fenggao House (fēng gǎo fáng 丰镐房), the Western-style House (xiǎo yáng fáng 小洋房), the Yutai Salt Shop (yù tài yán pù 玉泰盐铺) and the Mausoleum of Chiang’s Mother (jiǎng mǔ mù 蒋母墓).

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge (hǔ tiào xiá 虎跳峡) is believed to be the deepest gorge in the world. From the top of the gorge you look down the steeply angled (70-90 degrees) mountain sides to the rushing Golden Sands River ( jīn shā jiāng金沙江) with its 18 frothing rapids more than 200 meters (about 700 feet) below.

WorldFriends = Love + Marriage + 2 Children = Lots of Happiness!!

Love Relationship --- WorldFriends = Love + Marriage + 2 Children = Lots of Happiness!!
Grant, Sydney, Australia/ Satoko, Japan

World FriendsIn a nutshell that is our continuing success story! And we owe it all to WorldFriends. Satoko and I met in Tokyo through WorldFriends right back in 2003 when it was all just starting up, and wow it has changed our lives! WorldFriends was spot on in helping us find each other because one thing led to another and 6 months later in the middle of 2004 we both find ourselves pointing towards mainland Asia as we depart Japan together for an overland trip from Japan to Europe and back to Australia.
A year later we land in Sydney where we now live the idyllic quintessential Australian lifestyle with our little son "Lotus" who was a gift from an ashram in India during our travels :-) Yes that is where he was made ha-ha. Lotus was made in India, Japanese mother, British father and was born in Australia; how lucky to have three passports and ultimately he owes it all to WorldFriends. If that wasn't enough, next week we look forward to welcoming Lotus' baby sister into the growing World of Friends - WOW! Thanks WorldFriends!
It all started with you! Lots of Love, Grant,Satoko,Lotus&??? Anyone out there have any great ideas for our coming daughter's name?

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Happy Life in China
An Interview with A U.S Young Man Studying Chinese in China

Li Dong, a young U.S student who had spent one year studying Chinese in China. As he finished his studying and were going to Germany in a few days, we conducted an interview to him, in which he shared with us his happy life in a country not only different from the U.S but also different anywhere else in the world.
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