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Ba Xian An Monastery (八仙庵)
China Travel Guide - Travel in Shaanxi

entrance to Ba Xian An Monastery

Ba Xian An Monastery (bā xiān ān 八仙庵), the famous scenic spot of Taoism, is situated in the north of the Changle Fang Street, in the east suburb close to the east city wall of Xi’an City. It is the largest Taoist Temple in Xi’an, also the most well-known Taoist building in Northwest Area. It is said that the Ba Xian An Monastery was established during the Song Dynasty to commemorate “the Eight Immortals in Legend”.

Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture
China Travel Guide - Travel in Qinghai

Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture
Golog (or Guoluo) Tibet Autonomous Prefecture (guǒ luò zàng zú zì zhì zhōu 果洛藏族自治州) is located in southeastern Qinghai province, in the Amdo region of Tibet (ān duō zàng qū 安多藏区). The prefecture has an area of 76,312 km² and its capital is Maqên County (mǎ qìn xiàn 玛沁县). Over 90% of the 125,000 people who live in Golog are Tibetan. Most of the people in Golog are nomadic with many of them living in traditional style Tibetan tents. Most of Golog is well above 4000m / 13,120 feet so summers are short and winters are long and cold.

Learn Chinese - Chinese Proverbs

 Chinese proverbs


Jade must be chiseled before it can be considered a gem.
Fictions of the Ming and Qing Dynasties
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

   Chinese Fictions
In the Ming (míng cháo 明朝)(1368-1644 AD) and Qing (qīng cháo 清朝)(1644-1911 AD) dynasties, Chinese literature entered a new epoch. The two dynasties witnessed great achievements in the creation of fiction. Representative works are the Four Great Classical Novels (sì dà míng zhù 四大名著): Romance of Three Kingdoms (sān guó yǎn yì 三国演义), Outlaws of the Marsh (shuǐ hǔ zhuàn 水浒传), Journey to the West (xī yóu jì 西游记) and A Dream of Red Mansions (hóng lóu mèng 红楼梦). Those works enjoy a high reputation throughout the world. What’s more, they have been adapted for the screen and the stage, winning the favor of global audience.

Adapters, Plugs, Wall Sockets and Electrical Current in China
China Living Tips - Travelling

Preparing for your electrical devices and electronics on your trip to China

What adapter do I need? Will my computer plug work? What's the electrical current? What do the wall sockets look like? Why oh why have we not all come together to decide a common electrical current and wall socket for the world? It makes travel difficult, especially if you're coming from the North America, a few countries in South America or Japan - the only places that use 110V instead of 220V. But anyway, armed with a bit of knowledge and some adapters, you'll be able to use your electronic devices.
Beijing University of Technology
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

Beijing University of Technology was founded in 1960. It is a key university under the administration of the Beijing municipal government, which has established a multi-disciplinary academic structure. The structure offers various programs and also involves in diversified academic research in the fields of science, engineering, economics, management, liberal arts and law. It is ranked as one of the 100 key universities for the 21st century. Its mission is “relying on Beijing, merging into Beijing, inspiring China and orienting itself to the world.” In fulfilling this mission, the university has become a base for cultivating qualified high-level personnel, for scientific and technological innovation and for research and development.


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