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Alxa League
China Travel Guide - Travel in Inner Mongolia

Alxa or Alashan (ā lā shàn 阿拉善) League is located at the west end of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is adjacent to Mongolia in the north, adjoins the Great Wall in the south, neighbors on the Yellow River in the east, and leans against the Hexi Corridor (hé xī zǒu láng 河西走廊) in the west.

Presidential Palace
China Travel Guide - Travel in Jiangsu

        Presidential Palace
Presidential Palace
(zǒng tǒng fǔ 总统府) is located on Changjiang Road (cháng jiāng lù 长江路) in Nanjing City (nán jīng shì 南京市). During the 1009 years from 1840 to 1949, it was the backbone of the Chinese military and politics. The Presidential Palace is now a historic site with great importance in modern history of China. And it is now the biggest modern history museum in China.

歧路亡羊 (qí lù wáng yáng)
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Jade Carving
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

       Jade Ware
It is acknowledged by the world that jade carving (yù diāo 玉雕) is one of the oldest carving arts in China. Crude jade tools appeared in China as early as in the late Neolithic Age (xīn shí qì shí dài 新石器时代). And in the primitive society, our ancestries began to make manufacturing jade tools such as knife, shovel, ax and lance and the jade ornaments. Jade carving became an industry in the Shang (shāng 商) (16th century BC- 11th century BC) and Zhou (zhōu 周) (11th BC- 221 BC) dynasties, when skills of jade carving had a further development. Jade wares were used in rituals or as decorative pendants. The jade carving wares were delicate and the ornamental patterns were elegant. In ancient China, jade was also regarded as a symbol of refinement and moral ethics.

Chang'an University
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Directly under the administration of Ministry of Education, Chang'an University is one of the State "211 Project" key development universities, It was merged by the former Xi'an Highway University, Xi'an Engineering Institute and Northwest Institute of Construction Engineering on April 18th,2000. Chang'an University has disciplines in engineering, science, as well as economics, management and liberal arts with engineering as its main focus. Highway transportation, land resources and environment, and construction engineering are its features,