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Stone Forest
China Travel Guide - Travel in Yunnan

Stone Forest

The Yunnan Stone Forest ( yún nán shí lín 云南石林) is located in Kunming, which serves as the capital of the Yunnan province. This remarkable forest, also called Shilin, has been called the First Wonder of the World since the time of the Ming Dynasty.

Zhaojun Tomb
China Travel Guide - Travel in Inner Mongolia

 Zhaojun Tomb
Surrounded by green grasses and towering ancient trees, Zhaojun Tomb (zhāo jūn mù 昭君墓) is situated nine kilometers south of Hohhot. Standing on the top of the tomb, you can obtain a fabulous view of the vast plains and rolling Yinshan Mountains (yīn shān 阴山) undulating into the distance. It is listed as one of top eight popular scenic spots in Hohhot.

The Book of Songs
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

the book of songsHistory:
As the first collection of poems in china, The Book of Songs (shī jīng 诗经) recorded a total of 305 poems created over a period of 500 years or so, from the early Western Zhou Dynasty (xī zhōu 西周) (11th century BC-771BC) to the middle of the Spring and Autumn Period (chūn qiū shí qī  春秋时期). It was said that specific officials were appointed with a sole role of collecting poems among the mass. There was also a rule requiring officials to compose poems and present them to the emperor at that time. The anthology came into being after further compilation. According to the story, all the poems in The Book of Songs were lyrics of the ancient days.
At the very beginning, The Book of Songs was known as Poems (shī 诗) or Three Hundred Poems (shī sān bǎi 诗三百). The great thinker Confucius (kǒng zǐ 孔子) used it as a textbook to teach his disciples. It was named as The Book of Songs after the Han Dynasty (hàn cháo 汉朝).

亡羊补牢(wáng yáng bǔ láo )
Learn Chinese - Chinese Idiom


A man who raised sheep once noticed there was a hole in the walls of his sheepfold. But he neglected to repair it. A few days later, several sheep were missing. His friend advised him: "It is not too late to mend the sheepfold."

"Wang Yang Bu Lao" or "Mending the sheepfold after the sheep have been stolen" advises us that even though we have suffer a loss, it is never too late to take steps to prevent further losses.


3 Ways to Learn Chinese Better and Faster
China Living Tips - Communication & Others

Learning Chinese isn’t easy, or is it?

No matter how long you’ve studied Chinese, there are efficient and not so efficient ways of tackling the language. Since you are already on such a tough journey, why not take the path with the biggest pot of gold at the end?

Some things are much more important to focus on than others when learning Chinese for use in the real world. Why? Because they are help make learning Chinese faster and more efficient, at least in the long run. Let’s take a look:

3 Things you must focus on to get better in Chinese

Individual Characters
Sentence Order

Peking University
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

Peking University
is a comprehensive and national key university. The campus, known as "Yan Yuan"(the garden of Yan), is situated at Haidian District in the western suburb of Beijing, with a total area of 2,743,532 square metres (or 274 hectares). It stands near to the Yuanmingyuan Garden and the Summer Palace.  

Korean Iron Maker's Confucius-Style Management
Foreigners in China - Foreigners in China

Korean in ChinaThe modern-age steel business veteran, who has been a part of China's contemporary golden growth period for the past two decades, personifies something more traditional, and more akin to Confucius.

While flipping through a Korean calendar, you will find a consecutive three-day holiday marked from September 18 to 20. It marks the Korean Mid-Autumn Festival, the most important holiday in Korea alongside Seollal, Korean New Year. 
International Friendship --- I have found a new friend through your service
About - WorldFriends Networks

I have found a new friend through WorldFriends Networks

My name is Queenie. I have found a new friend through your service. Definitely, I may have many chances to find someone to talk to or listen to. So I'm so glad to have a good friend to share my feelings or ideas by sending emails to each other.


International Friends

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