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Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden
China Travel Guide - Travel in Yunnan

A stream of bluish water bends towards the east and cuts the peninsula into the shape of a gourd the tropical rain forest is a forest biological system with the most abundant life forms on earth and Xishuangbanna is such a survived oasis on the North Tropic and the only large stretch of tropical rain forest in China. Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) (xī shuāng bǎn nà rè dài zhí wù yuán 西双版纳热带植物园) is the largest manmade botanical garden with the richest life forms established on this aftermost stretch rain forest on the Chinese territory.

Magic Tibet Ⅲ-- Norbulingka
China Travel Guide - Travel in Tibet

Norbulingka (luó bù lín kǎ 罗布林卡), means 'Treasure Park' in Tibet (xī zàng 西藏), is situated in the western suburb of Lhasa City (lā sà shì 拉萨市), at the bank of the Kyichu River (jí qū hé 吉曲河). Norbulingka is a palace and surrounding park in Lhasa, Tibet which served as the traditional summer residence of the successive Dalai Lamas (dá lài lǎ mā 达赖喇嘛) from the 1780s up until the PRC takeover in the late 1950s. Each summer, the Dalai Lama led his officials there to conduct government affairs and hold religious activities.

Planning your trip to China
China Living Tips - Travelling

China Living Tips

1. Decide Where to Go in China
China is an enormous country with diverse options for travel. You can be as adventurous or "safe" as you want - in other words you can get pretty far off the Western Tourist Travel Trail or you can stay right on it. There may be certain things you absolutely feel you must see, or other places you didn't even know were in China. 

Top 10 Lucky Symbols in Chinese
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

Chinese characters usually have one or more meanings and some of them are particularly loved by Chinese people. Here is the top ten list of the lucky ones. Please note Pinyin is also used here, which is the Chinese spelling system for the characters. For example, fu is the pinyin for good luck in Chinese. But fu is only the phonic part of the character and it also represents other Chinese characters that sound the same.
Learn Chinese - Chinese Proverbs


dòu ,

  When two tigers fight, one is sure to lose.

Jinan University
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

There are many special features that Jinan University can be proud of :
one of the oldest universities in China and one of the “211” key national universities in China, the 1st university in China that recruits foreign students, the 1st university in China that enrolls students at both spring and autumn semesters, the 1st university that pioneered the implementation of credit system in China, the university with the largest number of overseas students, the only university that finds her alumni in both Chinese and foreign state-level leaders in China......

Navjot Singh and His China Travel Books
Foreigners in China - Foreigners in China

Newcomers to China by Navjot SinghGoing to another country for the first time, whether for business or pleasure, can be a daunting experience – especially if you are going on a long-term basis, and have to relocate with your family in order to make that new country your second home. For most foreign people, China is probably not an easy place to adapt to because of cultural differences, language barriers and just the fact that it’s so far away from Europe and the Americas that people automatically fear the remoteness and isolation. For one British expatriate, the China experience has been nothing short of an adventurous journey. Navjot Singh, a Briton from London, initially went to China in 2002 for a short one-week holiday. Here he describes his experience from then onwards.


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