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Swallow Cave
China Travel Guide - Travel in Yunnan


Known as one of "the biggest and most splendid cave in Asia", the Swallow Cave (yàn zǐ dòng 燕子洞) Scenic Region is located in the mountains 30 km east of Jianshui (jiàn shuǐ 建水), and consists of a dry cave, a water cave and a 30,000-square-meter natural forest, with a total area of 100,000 square meters. Every year between spring and summer, thousands of swallows will fly here from Malaysia, building nests and giving birth to and raising young swallows. Thus it is named "the Swallow Cave". The local environment is a perfect dwelling for swallows because steep cliffs make it impossible for mice and snakes to come up, and bushes and grassland outside the cave help produce insects that provide abundant food for swifts. The special ecosystem makes a grand scene-"the gathering of thousands of swallows".

Bizalkik Thousand Buddha Caves
China Travel Guide - Travel in Xinjiang

Bizalkik Thousand Buddha Caves
As Buddhism was the first religion from abroad introduced to this area, Xinjiang (xīn jiāng 新疆) witnessed the earliest development of Buddhist cave art in China. Soon after the religion's establishment in the region, Turpan became the Buddhist center on the Silk Road owing to its geographic location. Among the Buddhist caves found in Turpan (tǔ lǔ fān 吐鲁番), Bizalkik Thousand Buddha Caves (bǎi zī kè lǐ kè qiān fó dòng 柏孜克里克千佛洞) are considered most valuable.  

Yuan Zaju (元杂剧)
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

Guan HanqingThe dramas of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) are called Yuan Zaju (yuán zá jù 元杂剧), poetic dramas set to music. As a mature, high-class theatrical form, the Yuan Zaju is full of the characteristics of that period, and displays unique artistic creations. Hence, they are regarded as the most notable achievement of Yuan literature. At the beginning, the Zaju centered on Dadu (dà dū 大都) (present-day Beijing) and spread widely over northern China. After the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) fell to the Yuan Dynasty, the Zaju became a national drama. It quickly flourished, with a number of plays written, and the ranks of performers swelling.

Health Care in China
China Living Tips - Health

Vaccination Requirements

Currently there are no required immunizations for travel to China, but check with your local consulate to make sure this policy has not changed. Depending on how long you are staying in China and whether you will be spending your time in urban or rural areas, there are different vaccinations that are recommended by travel health specialists. Discuss your travel needs with a doctor that specializes in travel medicine. Universities often have travel clinics that provide a less expensive way of getting your vaccinations. The most useful vaccinations for China are hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tetanus/diptheria, Japanese encephalitis, and typhoid fever. Some doctors also recommend getting a rabies shot and taking malaria pills.
For up-to-the-minute information on vaccination requirements and disease information, call the International Traveler's Hotline in Atlanta at (404) 332-4559, which is sponsored by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This service regularly updates its recorded message for each country.

一技之长 (yī jì zhī cháng)
Learn Chinese - Chinese Idiom


Gong sun Long (gōng sūn lóng 公孙龙), a famous scholar lived in the State of Zhao (zhào guó 赵国) during the Warring States Period (zhàn guó 战国,475――221BC), had a habit of maintaining a great number of skilled people around him. He often said, "A wise man should welcome anyone with a specialty."

Peking Union Medical College
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

The Peking Union Medical College was founded in 1906. The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, the Board of Foreign Missions of the Prebyterian Church in the U.S.A., the London Missionary Society, and later, the Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, and the Medical Missionary Association of London, together with the then-Chinese government cooperated in the foundation and development of the Medical College and maintained it until 1915. The Rockefeller Foundation was established in 1913 and in 1913-1914 the newly formed Foundation created a Commission to examine medical education in China. One of its recommendations was that the Foundation - through a subsidiary organization - should assume financial responsibility for the College. On July 1, 1915 the recently established China Medical Board assumed full support of the Union Medical College, having previously acquired the property.

An African Boy Fulfils His Kung Fu Dream in China
Foreigners in China - Foreigners in China

Foreigners in China

A young African boy came to China to look for the flying heroes he had seen in kung fu movies. He did not learn to fly, but other lessons had made him a hero in his own homeland, and an ambassador in China, where he has stayed for the last 30 years. He Na finds out the details.

Children often have big dreams, to stand in the limelight in front of the cameras, the football field, or even in politics, but perhaps Luc Bendza had the grandest dream of them all. He wanted to fly.

It was a special kind of flight he dreamt about - to be able to float through the air like all those heroes he saw in Chinese kung fu movies.


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