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Penglai-Fairyland of the Orient
China Travel Guide - Travel in Shandong
Penglai City (Pénglái Shì 蓬莱市), is a port, a town and an administrative subdivision of Yantai City (Yāntái 烟台)in Shandong Province, northeastern China. The port was formerly called Dengzhou (dēngzhōu 登州). Penglai Water City or Water Fortress (shuíchéng 水城), a fortified harbor hidden from the sea, is one of China's oldest military ports, built in 1376 under the Ming Dynasty (míng dài 明代) and is a protected historical monument. It was "the harbor for the fleet of imperial war junks and town for the semi-imperial garrison." The Water City is currently being rebuilt at a cost of 500 million yuan (more than 60 million dollars). There is a plank walk along the cliffs nearby.
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall
China Travel Guide - Travel in Shanghai

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

If you are awed by the incredible growth and immensity of the city of Shanghai then you should find the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall an interesting place to learn more.

Tang Tricolor Pottery
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

               Tang Tricolor Pottery
Tang Tricolor Pottery
(táng sān cǎi 唐三彩), also called Tang Sancai, is a kind of handmade glazed ware of exquisite craftsmanship created in the Northern and Southern Dynasty (nán běi cháo 南北朝, 386-589) about 1,400 years ago. During the Tang Dynasty (táng cháo 唐朝, 618-907), the production of Tang San Cai reached its peak, which is part of the reason the pottery got the name of Tang San Cai. It well reflects the high standards of ceramic art as well as the magnificent and luxurious lifestyle of Tang Dynasty society. It is known for its vivid design, flamboyant color and luster, and rich life ambiance. Luoyang (luò yáng 洛阳), named the eastern capital in ancient times, in Henan Province was the home of Tang San Cai, and most of unearthed Tang San Cai was found in Luoyang.

Peking University
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

Peking University
is a comprehensive and national key university. The campus, known as "Yan Yuan"(the garden of Yan), is situated at Haidian District in the western suburb of Beijing, with a total area of 2,743,532 square metres (or 274 hectares). It stands near to the Yuanmingyuan Garden and the Summer Palace.  

Learn Chinese - Chinese Proverbs

Chinese proverbs


One can study for ten years in obscurity, but as soon as one passes the examination the whole world pays attention.

How to Cover Your Medical Cost in China
China Living Tips - Health
You are not required to have health insurance in China, but if you don’t want to risk your health and you financial well-being, you should definitely make sure that you are covered for medical treatments in China.

Most employers offer a basic health insurance plan, but you can also buy an insurance policy individually. China has no uniform system of private health insurance, so prices can vary widely (from ¥3,000 to as much as ¥30,000 per year), depending on factors such as age and previous medical history, but also on the types of treatments covered by the policy. Adding on extras such as dental and optical cover will normally raise the rates.

For many foreign workers, health insurance will be offered through your company. Though expatriate insurance plans are often costly, they also offer an extended safety net, which is well worth the price.

For those who aren’t covered through their workplace, we strongly recommend to get a private insurance. Basic coverage will include in-patient care and emergencies. Make sure you understand both the excess and the cost of the insurance plan. A plan with higher excess will only cover larger emergencies, but it will cost less per year for the plan itself.


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