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China Travel Guide - Travel in Yunnan

Located in the northeast of Yunnan Province (yún nán shěng 云南省), historically one of an important cities in the south-western Silk Road , Zhaotong City (zhāo tōng shì 昭通市) is the communication centre and the north gate of Yunnan Province leading to Sichuan (sì chuān 四川) and areas in middle- and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It is also an inland port to Southeast Asia and South Asia.

China Travel Guide - Travel in Tibet
Shigatse, also named Xigatse, means 'the
fertile land'. Covering an area of over 3875 square kilometers (about 1496 square miles), this frontier city is the second largest in Tibet. It sits in the plain at the confluence of the Yarlong Tsangpo and Nyangchu Rivers, where Tibet's most fertile land is to be found. With some thirteen ethnic groups including Tibetan, Hui and Man, Shigatse is a typical living area for minority nationalities. The population of Shigatse City is 98,700 about 97% of which are Tibetan. Shigatse has a history going back more than 600 years and it is this ancient holy city that is the traditional seat of the Panchen Lama, one of the spiritual leaders in Tibet. The city is also the cultural, economic and political center of Tibet.
Textile Technique
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

      Textile Technique
Textile technique
(fǎng zhī jì shù 纺织技术) has a long history in China. As early as in the primitive society,  people in ancient China have taken advantage of the natural resource to make simple textile facilities for weaving so as to adapt to the changeable weather.

Learn Chinese - Chinese Proverbs

         Chinese Proverbs


              A boat can not always sail with the wind; an army can not always win battles.

Tips about Moving to China
China Living Tips - Travelling
Moving to China can represent a significant challenge for even the most hardened expat. China is the third biggest country in the world by land mass and has the largest population at just over 1.33 billion people (23% of the world’s total population). Because of the large numbers of people living in the cities they are extremely busy and crowded places that are full of the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.
China is a place that is rich with culture and history, both of which centre around their ancient civilization. Because it is such a vast country it is a fascinating place for expats to live in and explore, and there are many places to visit, from the ruins of the Neolithic settlements through to the ancient trade routes.
Tongji University
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

Tongji University is one of the leading universities directly under the State Ministry of Education in China. It offers degree programs both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The university has School of Sciences, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, School of Civil Engineering , Mechanical School, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, School of Material Science and Engineering, School of Electronics and Information Engineering, School of Traffic and Transportation, Medical School, School of Liberal Arts and Law, School of Foreign Languages,School of Economics and Management,School of Software Engineering,school of Ocean and Earth Science. In addition, there are Institute of Further Education, Institute of Higher Technology, Institute of Vocational and Technical Education, Institute of E-Education, Women's College, Institute of Automobile Marketing and Sino-German Institute which is authorized by Chinese and German governments to run postgraduate courses. There are also six university hospitals located in different campuses.

Changing Perceptions to the PR World
Foreigners in China - Foreigners in China

Dave Senay, president and CEO of public relations firm Fleishman-Hillard Inc is working a 21st century form of alchemy - not turning base metals into gold, but rebranding foreign products as local. His transformation wizardry employs a technique he calls PR2.0 - a combination of traditional PR with digital connectivity, interactive marketing, and advertising - all "within a unified strategic framework", he says.

Senay has 23 years of experience with Fleishman-Hillard and formerly served as the firm's regional president for Canada, Europe, and the Middle East, and Africa.

US-based Fleishman-Hillard Inc is also running a worldwide PR network to assist global companies entering the China market and to help Chinese companies to extend their global reach. Senay was in Beijing to share his idea and success stories of PR2.0 with China Business Weekly .

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