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Luliang Colorful Sand Forest
China Travel Guide - Travel in Yunnan

The Colorful Sand Forest in Luliang (lù liáng cǎi sè shā lín 陆良彩色沙林) is a national tourist resort at the AAAA level. The whole Sand Forest looks like a Y. It covers an area of about 6 kilometers. The main tinges here are yellow, white, red and gray. The Colorful Sand Forest came into being about 340 million years ago. It was a physiognomic wonder resulting from the gradual influence of the impacts of earthquakes, the ejection of the magma, the movement of the earth’s crust, and the erosion of the wind and rain. It is also a whole consisting of all kinds of sand posts, sand peaks and sand screens. In addition, engraving with sand will sure give you a different feeling.

The Ancient City of Gaochang
China Travel Guide - Travel in Xinjiang

The Ancient City of Gaochang
The ruins of the ancient city of Gaochang (gāo chāng gǔ chéng 高昌古城) lies in the boundless desolate Gobi desert, shining like a resplendent precious stone inlaid in the barren desert and shining on the Silk Road. Withstanding the test of time and weather, the ancient city of Gaochang is one of the best-preserved ruins of the ancient cities in China. 45 kilometers to

Jade Carving
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

       Jade Ware
It is acknowledged by the world that jade carving (yù diāo 玉雕) is one of the oldest carving arts in China. Crude jade tools appeared in China as early as in the late Neolithic Age (xīn shí qì shí dài 新石器时代). And in the primitive society, our ancestries began to make manufacturing jade tools such as knife, shovel, ax and lance and the jade ornaments. Jade carving became an industry in the Shang (shāng 商) (16th century BC- 11th century BC) and Zhou (zhōu 周) (11th BC- 221 BC) dynasties, when skills of jade carving had a further development. Jade wares were used in rituals or as decorative pendants. The jade carving wares were delicate and the ornamental patterns were elegant. In ancient China, jade was also regarded as a symbol of refinement and moral ethics.

Learn Chinese - Chinese Proverbs

Chinese Proverbs


                                           A fall in pit, a gain in your wit.

Family Entertainment in Shanghai
China Living Tips - Shopping & Leisure

Shanghai if loaded with activities and places for the whole family. 

Check out our list of outdoor activities and things to see and do for the whole family!

Theme Parks
Art Museums and Districts
Bowling Alleys
Laser tag
Movie Theaters
Kids/ Family Activities
Javier Miqueleiz: Guangzhou in the 111 Faces
Foreigners in China - Foreigners in China

Javier MiqueleizJavier Miqueleiz, a Spanish photographer in Guangzhou, is working on his project of "111 faces in Guangzhou" which shows the portrait photos of 111 people, mostly foreigners, living in the city. Now he will share with us the project and his story.

How to show a city as a whole to the rest of the world? For Javier Miqueleiz, one of the best ways is through the people that are living there. That's the intention behind conducting such a photography project as "The 111 Faces in Guangzhou".
Shanghai International Studies University
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) was founded in December 1949 as the former Shanghai Russian College. It later was named the Shanghai Foreign Language Institute and became a national key university approved by the State Council in 1963. Approved by the Ministry of Education in 1994, it was officially renamed as “Shanghai International Studies University”. In the same year, it was listed as one of the first colleges and universities jointly supervised by the national Ministry of Education and the Municipality of Shanghai. In 1996, it passed the evaluation process of Project 211 directed by the Ministry of Education, and became one of the nation’s “100 key universities for the 21st Century.”


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