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Xilamuren Grassland
China Travel Guide - Travel in Inner Mongolia

 Xilamuren Grassland
(xī lā mù rén 希拉穆仁), which means "yellow water" in Mongolian, is also known as Zhaohe (zhào hé 召河). Lying about ninety kilometers (about 56 miles) north of Hohhot (hū hé hào tè 呼和浩特), Xilamuren Grassland is the nearest grassland tourist attraction to Hohhot and the earliest one that developed in Inner Mongolia.

Ruili City
China Travel Guide - Travel in Yunnan

      Dai village
Ruili City (ruì lì shì 瑞丽市) is a county-level city in Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan province, southwest China. It is a major border crossing between China and Myanmar, with Muse town located across the border.

牛角挂书 (niú jiǎo guà shū)
Learn Chinese - Chinese Idiom

altIn ancient times, there lived a boy named Li Mi, who loved to read. He never wasted a single minute, but spent all of his spare time every day reading.

One day, Li Mi had to go to a faraway place to take care of some business. Not wanting to waste any time on the way there, he took all of the books that he wanted to read and hung them on one of the horns of his ox. He then climbed up onto his ox's back, and with a book in one hand and the reins in the other, began his journey.

Chinese Cuisine
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

      Chinese Cuisine
Different from the cuisine in western world, Chinese people cook food in various ways such as frying, boiling, steaming and stir frying. Chinese people put a high premium on the taste, color and smell of food. Chinese cuisine enjoys the same international reputation to that of France and Italy for its scent, taste and design.

Employment Contracts for English Teachers Working in China
China Living Tips - Work & Business

China Living TipsTeaching contracts in China vary widely depending on the school, the city in which it is located, the demand for English teachers, and the credentials of the teachers.

 This lack of an established system can either work for you or against you. The things you can count on being included in your contract are clauses regarding housing and medical care, and a clear statement of your wages and classroom duties, but if you are a savvy negotiator you might come out of the deal with considerably more. If possible, you should ask for references from former employees and people whom might be familiar with the institution and you should talk with teachers who are currently employed at the school. Be sure to have any contract that is written in Chinese translated independently before you sign it.
Spanish Trader Sees a Bright Future in GZ
Foreigners in China - Foreigners in China

A traveler at heart and a trader by education, Eduardo Pol has visited an impressive array of countries. Touching down in China 2006 he's found love and job satisfaction in what he describes as a truly exciting country.

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Eduardo Pol has always been passionate to see the world, and he took the opportunity whilst studying International Trade at the Pompeu Fabra University, where he spent the next four years traveling to Mexico, South America, Morocco, and England before finally returning to Barcelona. And it's just his insatiable thirst for exploring that has brought him to China. 
Donghua University
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

Donghua University (formerly China Textile University ) founded in 1951, located in Shanghai , is a national leading university directly under the Ministry of Education of China . Its characteristic disciplines of Fashion Design, Textile Engineering, International Business, Material Science and Information Technology are at the top level in China and share high reputation domestically and abroad. Donghua University is a multi-disciplinary university with engineering, economics, management , liberal arts, law, science and education. At present, Donghua University has 18 colleges, three postdoctoral programs and has been authorized to offer 29 doctoral programs, 61 master programs and 47 bachelor programs. The university has a total enrolment of over 25,000 students.

World Friends Networks --- Thanks to World Friends! We got married!
About - WorldFriends Networks

World Friends Networks --- Thanks to World Friends! We got married!
Yuki, Japan and Kev, California

World FriendsKev sent me a smile in February 2005 and we started to exchange emails since then. In June he visited me in Japan for 2 weeks. He was very genuine and I became attracted to him, but I was unsure about his sudden marriage proposal to me. In November, I went to California and found how much he was loved by his parents and friends, so I decided to accept his proposal. Since then I've been busy running around to obtain the fiancee visa. The visa was granted at the end of August and I moved in October and got married on December 2, 2006 at Carmel Beach church. If I didn't join World Friends, I could have never met him! I sincerely appreciate World Friends for bringing us so much love and happiness!


International Friends

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