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Qingshan Gou (Qingshan Valley)
China Travel Guide - Travel in Liaoning

Qingshan Gou

Located in the northern mountains of Kuandian Manchu Autonomous County (kuān diàn mǎn zú zì zhì xiàn 宽甸满族自治县) in Dandong City (dān dōng shì 丹东市), Qingshan Gou (qīng shān gōu 青山沟) (Qingshan Valley) is composed of eight major scenic areas. The scenic area is 149.8 square kilometers with 126 spots and 36 waterfalls. The beautiful forests, clear water, calm and serene valleys make it a fairyland.

Beidahu Ski Resort
China Travel Guide - Travel in Jilin

 Beidahu Ski Resort

Jilin Beidahu (běi dà hú 北大湖) Ski Resort is an important ski sport base and tourist resort in China. Beidahu's advantageous location surrounded by mountains on three sides guarantee a comfortable weather conditions with very little to no wind in winter. Skiers and snow boarders love Beidahu's varied terrain and enjoy its unpretentious alpine trails amidst peaks in the primitive forest. And Beidahu is the picturesque Rime Scenery which is considered to rival the landscape in Guilin (guì lín 桂林), the Stone Forest (shí lín 石林) in Kunming (kūn míng 昆明) and the Three Gorges (sān xiá 三峡) in uniqueness and it is renowned as one of China's four natural wonders. The Rime scenery occurs 60-70 times a year from October to next March or April.   
Chinese Papercuts
Learn Chinese - History and Culture
Papercuts refer to handicrafts made by cutting paper with scissors to form different patterns and pasting them on walls, windows, doors and ceilings. With their long history, papercuts,
前车之鉴 (qián chē zhī jiàn)
Learn Chinese - Chinese Idiom

altDuring the Western Han dynasty (xī hàn西汉), there lived in Loyang a man named Jia Yi. Jia Yi was very knowledgeable , and even the emperor engaged him as a teacher. One day, he was teaching the emperor about the proper way to govern a country. He said, "During the Ch'in dynasty, there was an evil minister named Jau Gau, who was the teacher of Hu Hai, the emperor's second son. He ofter taught Hu Hai how to destroy one's political opponents, and often talked of how to execute prisoners."

Beijing Antique Market (北京古玩市场)
China Living Tips - Shopping & Leisure

 Beijing Antique Market
In Beijing, the cultural center of China, the most popular place for you to go and see is the Antique Market. A visit to the Antique Market is as important a part of a foreigner’s tour in Beijing as the Great Wall, the Peking duck and the Forbidden City.

Yunnan University
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

Yunnan University was founded in December 1922, and it started to enroll its students on April 20th 1923. The name of Yunnan University has for six times been changed in the past 80 years. It started as the privately run University of the Eastern Land and has thus far been developed into the only key national general university in the province of Yunnan, having trained for the society over seventeen thousand specialized professionals in various fields. Currently, Yunnan University is among sixty-one “211 Project” universities in China authorized by the Chinese central government to be specially developed. Yunnan University has also been put into the list of the key national universities for the special construction in the national program of the Western China Development.