Korea Sourcing Fair: Gifts & Premiums

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    Organizer: Global Sources
    Duration: 2014-04-27 - 2014-04-30
    Venue: AsiaWorld-Expo
    Address: Cheong Wing Road Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
    City: Other Cities
    Tel: Tel.: +(852) 8199-7308
    Fax: Fax: +(852) 8199-7628
    Email: visit@chinasourcingfair.com
    Korea Sourcing Fair: Gifts & Premiums
Build your brand and enhance existing offerings with innovation, unique designs and high quality gifts and premiums from exclusive suppliers, including a large selection of gift boxes, handicrafts, gift packaging and skincare products at Korea Sourcing Fair: Gifts & Premiums at AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong on April 27 to 30, 2014.

The majority of our booths, some 90%, are taken by suppliers who exhibit exclusively at our show and 75% are direct manufacturers. This allows you a unique opportunity to cut out the middleman and source directly at competitive prices, with flexible terms for production and delivery. A significant number of our exhibitors are committed to eco-friendly and socially responsible policies, enabling you to respond to the demands of an environmentally and socially conscious consumer market.