National Bicycle & Electric Bicycle Assembling Group Contest

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    Organizer: Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd.
    Duration: 2015-11-07 - 2015-11-07
    Hours: 9:00 - 17:00
    Venue: China International Exhibition Center, Beijing
    Address: No6, Beisanhuan Dong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    City: Beijing
    Contact: Lisa Zhou
    Tel: +86 188 1114 2906
    Fax: +86 10 58236567
    Mobile: +86 10 59273853
    National Bicycle & Electric Bicycle  Assembling Group Contest
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  • Diassembling Diagram
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Organization Plan
1. Objectives
(1) Set up a platform for communications between people in bicycle and electric bicycle industry, advance working skills and promote the industry development;
(2) Create highlights of the exhibition and increase its popularity.
2. Time & Venue
This contest will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center on 7th Nov, 2015.
3. Participants
All bicycle and electric bicycle dealers, all bicycle and electric bicycle exhibitors can sign in for the contest.
4. Organizers:
Organizing committee:
l National Light Industry Bicycle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Director: Zheng Peidong
l Beijing Bicycle & Electric Bicycle Industrial Association President: Guo Jinzhi
8 in total, skills will be identified by scorers (ratio between referee and participants is 1:5)
Supervision Group:
5 in total, experts and secretaries from associations.
Work Staff:
10 in total, who will be appointed according to “Division of Labor”.
Mass media, industry media, we-media
5. Rules
(1) Requirements
The contest is broken into two parts: bicycle and electric bicycle. Each participant can choose either one of above or go for both. The requirements and criteria differ between the two. The participants shall sign in to the contest.
(2) Form of contest
Within the specified time, disassemble the bicycle or electric bicycle and re-assemble them, and ride three laps, ensuring the bicycle and the electric bicycle is in normal state.
Referees will check and score the bicycles and electric bicycles according to “National Bicycle and Electric Bicycle Assemble Skills Scoring Records”.
(3) Time
Bicycle: Disassemble, no more than 12 minutes; re-assemble, no more than 20 minutes.
Simple electric bicycle: disassemble, no more than 16 minutes, re-assemble, no more than 26 minutes.
Luxury electric bicycle: disassemble, no more than 40 minutes, re-assemble, no more than 45 minutes.
(4) Model:
Variable speed bicycle meet national criteria (GB 3565-2005).

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