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Chinese Idiom

Chinese Idiom & Proverbs

怒发冲冠 (nù fà chōng guān)


In the Warring States Period (zhàn guó 战国,481 - 386BC),the King of the State of Zhao (zhào guó 赵国) got an extraordinarily fabulous jade from someone. The ruler of Qin (qín guó 秦国),who reigned a far more powerful country and wanted the rare treasure badly,promising to exchange it with 15 cities. So,Lin Xiangru (lín xiàng rú 蔺相如),an bold and talent minister of the State of Zhao, was then appointed by the king as an envoy to the State of Qin to negotiate with the emperor of Qin. But the ruler of Qin treated him very impolitely and were not attempt to give 15 cities as he previously pledged to do. Lin was pretty angry and humiliated,his hair stood up so stiffly on his head that it lifted up his hat.

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滥竽充数 (làn yū chōng shù)


During the Warring States Period (zhàn guó 战国,475-221BC),the King of the State of Qi (qí guó 齐国) was very keen on listening to a traditional musical instrument called Yu (yǖ, 竽) ensembles. He used to require 300 Yu players to form a grand music together thus to express his generosity. These musicians could get rather handson payment through playing for the ruler. A man named Nanguo (nán guō 南郭) learned about that and he wanted badly to become a member of the band due to the big money,even though he was not good at playing the instrument at all. Things went on very smoothly just as Nanguo planed. He successfully got a positon in the Yu band. Whenever the band played for the king,Nanguo just stood in the line,pretending that he was playing with his home heart and soul. However, not even one person paid attention to his fake playing.

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黔驴技穷 (qián lǘ jì qióng)


Long long ago,in ancient China, there were no donkeys in Guizhou (guì zhōu 贵州) province. One day,a man brought a donkey from somewhere else by boating,only to found that the big animal was futile indeed,so he tied it to a tree at the foot of a hill.

A tiger happened to see the donkey,and thought it must be a powerful monster simply juding from its giant figure and hence dared not to get close to it. However,the tiger didn’t plan give up that early,instead,it hid behind a tree and observed the donkey secretly.

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骑虎难下 (qí hǔ nán xià)


In the late Northern Zhou (beǐ zhōu 北周,557-581AD) era,after the emperor Xuan Di (xuān dì 宣帝) died from disease,his prince took the throne later as the king of the country was very very young,hence needed someone to sponsor him. An ambitious and capable minister named Yang Jan (yáng jiān 杨坚) was qualified for this critical position,and before long,he became the actual regent of the hole government.

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丧家之犬 (sàng jiā zhī quǎn)

altDuring the Spring and autum period (春秋 chūn qiū,770 - 221BC),Confucius (kǒng zǐ 孔子) and a group of his apprentices traveled a number of countries delivering speeches concerning polictical issues and ritual principles. What he sought to do was transimiting his knowledge as well as gain the trust from the kings of these coutries so as to administrate the realm in his way. But things were never as optimistic as he thought to be. All of the emperors chose not to identify with Confucius since his suggestions seemed quite conservertive to them.

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