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Chinese Idiom

Chinese Idiom & Proverbs

满城风雨 (mǎn chéng fēng yǔ)


In the Northern Song Dynasty  (běi sòng 北宋, 960-1127AD),Xie Wuyi (xiè wú yì 谢无逸) and Pan Dalin (pān dà lín 潘大临) were good friends and both crazy about poem writing. Though they were not in the same province,they made good use of correspondence for the poetries exchange. At that time,life was pretty hard for Pan Dalin,he was down and out,struggling a living hardly by borrowing from others.

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余音绕梁 (yú yīn rào liáng)

music in heaven

In the warring State Period (zhàn guó 战国) , there was a girl in the State of Qi called Han E (hàn é 韩娥) who sang beautifully. Once when she was passing through the State of Qi she had to sing to earn money to buy food. When she left Qi the echoes of her songs clung to the beams of the houses there for three days before people realized that she had left.
This idiom is used to describe unforgettably beaurifull singing.

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天涯海角 (tiān yá hǎi jiǎo)


The “edge of heaven and the corner of the sea” both refer to the remotest place. Hainan Island, located in the southernmost part of China, was considered the remotest place in ancient times. Su Shi, a famous poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, was exiled there in his later years. It is said that the two characters "Tian ya" (tiān yá 天涯) on a huge rock on the southernmost tip of the island were written by Su Shi.
This idiom refers to the remotest places or a very long distance between two people.

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手不释卷 (shǒu bù shì juàn)


Lü Meng (lǚ méng 吕蒙) was a meritorious general of the State of Wu during the Three Kingdoms Period (sān guó 三国时代,220-280AD). He came from a poor family and had not the chance to go to school when he was young. When he became a general, the duke of Wu encouraged him to read some books. Lü Meng took his advice, and stared to study hard. Even when he was marching or fighting, he would find time to study. There was always a book in his hand. Finally, Lü Meng became a learned general.
This idiom is used to describe being diligent in study.

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如鱼得水 ( rú yú dé shuǐ )


During the Three Kingdoms (sān guó 三国) , Liu Bei (liú bèi 刘备) went to Longzhong (lóng zhōng 隆中) three times to ask Zhuge Liang (zhū gě liàng 诸葛亮) to assist him. Finally, Zhuge Liang helped Liu Bei deal with military and politics affairs, and was significantly trusted by Liu Bei. Their respect for each other became more deeper. Liu Bei said to his ministers: "Having Kong Ming (kǒng míng 孔明) help me, I feel just like a fish which has been put back in the water."This idiom is used to signify finding a boon companion (愉快的伙伴) or an ideal situation.

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