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Chinese Idiom

Chinese Idiom & Proverbs

鹏程万里 (péng chéng wàn lǐ)

altIn the Chinese classic《Chuangtze》(zhuāng zǐ 庄子),there is a legend like this:
Once upon a time, a gigantic fish named Kun (kūn 鲲) lived in the northern sea. No one knew how large it actually was. This fish could change itself into the enormous bird called Peng (péng 鹏), measuring thousands of kilometers in length. When the bird was spreading its wings, it looked like huge clouds in the sky. It could, in one stretch, fly from the northern sea to the southern sea on the other side of the globe and soaring up to 90000 li ( lǐ 里,1 li =45000 kilometers) in the heaven.

The bird can surely fly over a long distance without stop. Now people use this idiom to with others have a long career or a bright future.

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相敬如宾 (xiāng jìng rú bīn)


During the Spring and Autumn Period (春秋 chūn qiū,770-476 BC),there was a high official in the State of Jin (jìn guó 晋国). He once saw a farmer working in the field and his wife bringing his lunch to him in a very respectful manner.

三人成虎 (sān rēn chéng hǔ)


The Warring States Period (zhàn guó 战国,475――221BC) witnessed a great deal of wars and alliances among small states in China. At that time,in order to pursue their common interests in such hash situation,the State of Wei (wèi guó 魏国) and the State of Zhao (zhào guó 赵国) attempted to sign a treaty of alliance.

趾高气昂 (Zhǐ gāo qì áng)


This is an idiom describing someone’s walking manner. Usually,When a man is extremely arrogant or cocky,he is very much likely to hold one's head high and walk in vigorous strides with big steps,throwing his weight around,just likes a cock. So,"walk with one's head high" holds the equivalen meaning as “Be on the high ropes”.

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束之高阁 (shù zhī gāo gé)

altDuring the Eastern Tsin Dynasty (dōng jìn 东晋,317—420AD),there were two tremendously talented young men named Yin Hao (yīn hào 殷浩) and Du Yi (dù yì杜义) ,both gained their big fame through metaphysics (xuán xúe 玄学) study.

At that time,Yu Yi (yǘ yì 庾翼),a famous general who attempted to reclaim the North area found himself in a urgent situation of talents shortage. One day,some officials strongly recommended that the two meta-physicists serve as his think tank. However,after serious consideration,he responded: "Though the two have household names across the kingdom concerning the metaphysics,they are rather high-hearted and pretty impractical.

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