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Chinese Idiom

Chinese Idiom & Proverbs

谈虎色变 (tán hǔ sè biàn)


Long long ago,there was a farmer living in a small and tranquil village. One day,the poor guy was bitten by a hungry tiger when he went to the mountains to chop wood. Fortunately,he had a very narrow escape from the mouth of the awesome animal though it seriously hurt him. As the time elapsing,the wounds on the skin was healing day by day.

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甚嚣尘上 (shèn xiāo chén shàng)


Once in the Warring States Period (zhàn guó 战国,481 - 386BC), the State of Jin (jìn guó 晋国) was at war with the State of Chu (chǔ guó 楚国). Duke Gong of Chu (chǔ gòng wáng 楚共王) stood on a high platform built on chariot and watched the movements of the Jin army.

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一鼓作气 (yì gǔ zuò qì)


During the Spring and Autumn Period (春秋 chūn qiū,770--221 BC),an army from the State of Qi (qí guó 齐国) confronted one from the State of Lu (lǔ guó 鲁国). After the first roll of drums from the Qi side to summon Lu to battle,the Lu ruler wanted to attack.

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完璧归赵 (wán bì guī zhào)


In the Warring States Period (zhàn guó 战国,481 - 386BC),Zhao Wang (zhao wang 赵王),the King of the State of Zhao (zhào guó 赵国) got an extraordinarily fabulous jade from someone. Qin Wang (qín wáng 秦王) the ruthless ruler of the state of Qin (qín guó 秦国),who reigned a far more powerful country,also wanted the rare treasure badly,promising to exchange it with 15 cities.

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偃旗息鼓 (yǎn qí xī gǔ)


In the Three Kingdoms Period (sān guó shíqī 三国时期,220-280AD). Cao Cao (cáo cāo 曹操)and Liu Bei (liú bèi 刘备) were both considerablly talented leaders of two Kingdoms respectively. In order to gain the final domination of the whole country,they contended with each other usually.

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