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骑虎难下 (qí hǔ nán xià)


In the late Northern Zhou (beǐ zhōu 北周,557-581AD) era,after the emperor Xuan Di (xuān dì 宣帝) died from disease,his prince took the throne later as the king of the country was very very young,hence needed someone to sponsor him. An ambitious and capable minister named Yang Jan (yáng jiān 杨坚) was qualified for this critical position,and before long,he became the actual regent of the hole government. Yang Jan had a sophisticated wife bearing a good family back ground. One day,his wife said to him:"Since Northern Zhou is dying. Now it is as if you are riding on the back of a tiger. It will be dangerous to dismount. You can do nothing but continue." Yang Jian thought this suggestion quite reasonable. Later,he founded the Sui Dynasty,and united China.

This idom is used as a metaphor meaning that one is in a stubborn situation and have no choice but to go on with it.



骑虎难下 (qí hǔ nán xià)
【翻译】have a tiger by the tail.

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