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Practical Chinese
Practical Chinese

Daily Figurative Slangs (77)

Chinese slangs

Seek (or be in) the limelight.

【发音】chū fēng tóu

            This phrase describes someone likes showing off himself so as to catch others’ attention. It also means that one is bravery to show his or her talents before the public.

           She loves to steal the show and be the centre of attention.

           They never push themselves forward.

Daily Figurative Slangs (76)

Chinese slangs

Offer advice.

【发音】chū diǎn zǐ

            Think of solutions; make suggestions.

           Let’s brain-storm about it, and we may work out a solution.

           I can give him a pointer or two.

Daily Figurative Slangs (75)

Chinese slangs

Suffer a great deal.

【发音】chī kǔ tóu

            To taste bitterness; figuratively: to go through hard times.

           If you don't work hard now, you'll suffer for it later.

           He looked very pale and seemed to have suffered a great deal.

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Daily Figurative Slangs (74)

Chinese slangs

Keep up appearances.

【发音】chēng chǎng miàn

            Maintain an outward show of prosperity.

           He put those hardbacks on the shelves just for show; he never read them.

           In order to keep up appearances, they borrowed a lot of money to give a big wedding party.

Daily Figurative Slangs (73)

Chinese slangs

Keep control of oneself.

【发音】chén zhù qì

             Keep calm in mind or be steady in abnormal situation.

           He almost lost control of himself when he saw the size of the bill.

           Don't lose your head! Keep calm!

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