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Practical Chinese
Practical Chinese

Daily Figurative Slangs (52)


Chinese slangs 

A 熬夜
stay up late or all night. burn the midnight oil.

【发音】áo yè


           It's very stressful for you to stay up late working every night.

           I'd rather work all night than hand my homework in late.


Daily Figurative Slangs (51)


practical Chinese

A 碍手碍脚
be in the way. be in a position to hinder or obstruct.

【发音】ài shǒu ài jiǎo


           She's a real drag.

           Her three children are always getting underfoot.

Daily Figurative Slangs (50)

打肿脸充胖子 (dǎ zhǒng liǎn chōng pàngzī)
do sth. beyond one's ability

To get the respect and attention from the others, some people just pretend like the rich, some of them even slap their face until it’s swollen in an effort to look imposing.
Chinese use this expression to criticize those who have no certain ability or enough money but still try means to be like the rich.

I want to treat my friends at five-star hotel.
Don't do that beyond your ability.

It's said that when he got married, he borrowd a lot of money in order to show off.
He always did like this to pretend to be a wealthy man.

Daily Figurative Slangs (49)


A 吃哑巴亏
Suffering loss without redress

【发音】chi ya ba kui
            Because of lack of proof, he could not bring a case to court and suffered loss without redress
            He was unwilling to suffer loss without redress so that he revenged the one who attacted him secretly.

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Daily Figurative Slangs (48)


A 扯淡
to utter nonsense

【发音】chě dàn


【例1】 别扯淡,说真话。(bié chě dàn)
Don’t utter nonsense, tell the truth.

【例2】 他只会扯淡,从来不说有用的话。(tā zhǐ huì chě dàn còng lái bù shuō yǒu yóng de huà.)

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