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Buying a laptop in China
Shopping & Leisure

A LaptopNowadays, computer is becoming more and more important in our daily life. It makes our life much more convenient for we can get news on the internet, chat with our friends and relatives and buy what you want without going out of home. And the laptop is popularized for its convenience. Since there are various brands of laptops in China market, some of them are real and some of them are “a real fake” or a “fake fake”. If you have little knowledge on this trade, you will probably be cheated. So How to buy a laptop in China?

Driver's License Renewal
Legal Related

altI. Conditions

(1) 90 days before the driver's license expires

(2) Driver's license has not been put in a suspended, canceled or revoked state

II. Required documentation

(1) Driver's license application form.
(2) Applicant and, if applicable, authorized agent's original identification document.
(3) Original Health examination certificate issued by hospital of county level or above. Applicants of 71 years old and people with bad left lower limb who are applying for renewal must submit a health certificate issued by the hospitals appointed by municipal bureau of medical care.
(4) Original driver's license (Applicants should submit a translated version if it is not in Chinese).
(5) Three 1-inch color photos with a white background.

How to get a Chinese driver's license?
Legal Related

Why do you need to get a Chinese driver's license

altIf you want to drive in China, you will have to get a Chinese drivers license. Foreigners from any country who want to drive in China must apply for a driver’s license. International driver’s licenses are not recognized. Licenses are valid in the Chinese mainland only. Residents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan also need to apply for a driver’s license to drive in the Chinese mainland. If you have a residence permit for China, you are entitled to apply for a Chinese driver’s license.

Beijing Antique Market (北京古玩市场)
Shopping & Leisure

 Beijing Antique Market
In Beijing, the cultural center of China, the most popular place for you to go and see is the Antique Market. A visit to the Antique Market is as important a part of a foreigner’s tour in Beijing as the Great Wall, the Peking duck and the Forbidden City.

Shanghai Antique Market (上海古玩市场)
Shopping & Leisure

A house, a shopping mall and a street (一楼一城一条街) are the major three antique markets in Shanghai.


Teasure House Market"Treasure House", the true name of "FUYOU ROAD CRAFTS MARKET"(福佑路工艺品市场), it's used to be Fuyou Antiques Market. This market attract crowds of amateur collectors every Sunday morning on the lookout for a wide variety of objects such as paintings and calligraphy, pottery and all sorts of curios.
Add: Fangbang Lu 457, Shanghai
Tel: 021- 63262733


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