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How to get a Chinese driver's license?

Why do you need to get a Chinese driver's license

altIf you want to drive in China, you will have to get a Chinese drivers license. Foreigners from any country who want to drive in China must apply for a driver’s license. International driver’s licenses are not recognized. Licenses are valid in the Chinese mainland only. Residents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan also need to apply for a driver’s license to drive in the Chinese mainland. If you have a residence permit for China, you are entitled to apply for a Chinese driver’s license.

Holder of foreign driver's license applying for a driver's license

I. Applicants go to the motor vehicle administration to apply. Holder of a valid foreign driver's license can apply for a license to drive the same type of vehicle(s) listed on his/her foreign driver's license. 'International driver's license' will not be accepted.

II. Required documentation:
(1) Driver's license application form
(2) Applicant's original and photo copy identification documents
(3) Original health certificate issued by hospital of county level or above. Holder of a valid foreign driver's license from foreign embassies, consulates and international organizations China's office needs not to provide health certificate.
(4) Original foreign drivers license and photo copy. Driver's license in non-Chinese language must attach a Chinese translation.
(5) 5 1-inch color photos with a white background

III. Testing
(1) After the Motor Vehicle Administration accepts the application, the applicant may reserve a time for the Course 1 test. If applying to drive large-size passenger vehicles, tractor, mid-size passenger vehicles, mid or large-size freight vehicles, the applicant must also reserve a time to take the Course 3 test
(2) Course 1 and 3 test can be taken one time, and may be re-taken one time. If the applicant fails the exam twice, the tests are over. He/she has to re-apply for the tests. But the test for Course 3 must be reserved 20 days later. Note, within validity period of 'Driving Test Permit', any test that was passed serves as the applicant’s current status.
(3) Applicant who exhibits inappropriate or fraudulent behavior during the exam process will have his/her qualification for the test will be nullified, and all previous results will be invalidated.

IV. License issuance
After the applicant has passed all exams, the Motor Vehicle Administration will issue the driver's license within five business days.

V. For employees of foreign embassies, consulates and international organizations China's office, driver's license will be issued by the administration within 5 working days after acceptance in accordance with the principle of diplomatic reciprocity.

Driving schools /training centers for foreigners, overseas Chinese and residents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

I. Dong Fang Shi Shang driving school: motor vehicle driving
Address:Huang Cun Zhen ,Lu Hua Xi Lu, Daxing District
Tel: 86-10-58061999

II. Sheng Hua driving school: motor vehicle and motorcycle driving
Address: Wang Si Ying Xiang, Chaoyang District
Tel: 86-10-67372117

III. Lao Shan driving school: motorcycle driving
Address: 15 Lao Shan Xi Jie, Shijingshan District
Tel: 86-10-68862551 III. Lao Shan driving school: motorcycle driving
Address: 15 Lao Shan Xi Jie, Shijingshan District
Tel: 86-10-68862551

Exam location for applicant holding foreign driver's license

I. Location of written test on traffic regulation: Foreign Affairs Department
Computer test, language choices: Chinese, English, Russian, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Spanish 100 questions, each question score 1 point, 90 points or above to pass.

II. Location for road test: Sheng Hua driving school.

III. Location for learning material on exam of traffic regulations:
Beijing FESCO Chen Guang Service
Address: Room No. 318, FESCO Building, No. 14 Chaoyangmen Nan Dajie Street, Chaoyang District
Tel: 86-10-85616663, 85606060, 85636833

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