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Travel in Sandaoguan National Forest Park
China Travel Guide - Travel in Heilongjiang

 Sandaoguan National Forest Park

Sandaoguan National Forest Park (sān dào guān guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuán 三道关国家森林公园) is located in the suburb of northeast of Mudanjiang (mǔ dān jiāng 牡丹江) City, which is 20 kilometers apart from the town center. The four season’s landscape is beautiful here; in spring flowers colorfully grow, in midsummer the shade looks like a lid, in the golden fall red leaves decorate the whole mountain, in winter it is a beautiful snow world. It is famous for beautiful mountain, clear water, and slim stone and silent forest. The main landscapes include: Mountain Daiwang (dài wáng shān 岱王山), the fairy cave (xiān rén dòng 仙人洞), Narrow sky (yī xiàn tiān 一线天), the couple stone (fū qī shí 夫妻石) and so on.
Luohe - City of Food Production
China Travel Guide - Travel in Henan

Modern Luohe

Situated in south-central Henan Province (hé nán shěng 河南省), Luohe (luò hé 漯河) City is bordered by Zhoukou (zhōu kǒu 周口), Zhumadian (zhù mǎ diàn 驻马店), Pingdingshan (píng dǐng shān 平顶山) and Xuchang (xǔ chāng 许昌) in the east, south, west and north.

昙花一现 (tán huā yī xiàn)
Learn Chinese - Chinese Idiom


The broad-leaved epiphyllum is a beautiful and precious white flower which usually blooms at night, and its blossom only lasts for a brief period. According to a Buddhist legend, the plant blooms only on the birth of divine kings.
This idiom describes thing which disappear shortly after they come into being.

The Four Books and Five Classics
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

ConfucianismThe Four Books (sì shū 四书) refer to The Analects of Confucius (lún yǔ 论语), The Mencius (mèng zǐ 孟子), The Great Learning (dà xué 大学) and The Doctrine of the Golden Mean (zhōng yōng 中庸). The former two are collections of sayings and teachings of Confucius (kǒng zǐ 孔子) and Mencius (mèng zǐ 孟子) as well as sayings of their disciples while the latter two are chapters in The Classic of Rites (lǐ jì 礼记). Chu His (zhū xī 朱熹), a famous scholar of the Southern Song Dynasty (nán sòng 南宋), held that The Four Books together outlined the basic system of Confucian thoughts (rú jiā sī xiǎng 儒家思想) and constituted a better introduction to the complicated materials in the Classics (jīng diǎn 经典), thus selecting these four texts from Classics and put them together as the Four Books.

Beijing Jiaotong University
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU), located at Xizhimenwai of Beijing, is a national key university of China, directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education. Her predecessor is Beijing Railway Management Training Institute and Beijing School of Posts and Telecommunications, set up by Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Qing Dynasty.In 1921, the school merged with two industrial technical schools in Shanghai and Tangshanto form the National Jiaotong University, with three branch universities in Beijing, Shanghai and Tangshan respectively. BJTU was then called as Beijing Campus of National Jiaotong University.


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