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Tune: " Phoenix Perching on Parasol Tree"
Learn Chinese - Chinese Literature
 ---Liu Yong

Alone I lean against the parapet of a high tower in a gentle breeze,
Gazing into the distance where the grief of separation
Looms on the horizon.
Amidst the grass and hills shimmering in the setting sun,
No one can fathom the inquietude of my mide.

I tried to drown my sorrows in wine and song;
And fored myself to drink to oblivion but I am empty still
My clothes hang loose on my emaciated body
But regrets I have none, it is because of her.


Written While Taking Seven Paces
Learn Chinese - Chinese Literature

Written While Taking Seven Paces
---Cao Zhi

Pods burned to cook peas,
Peas weep in the pot:
"Grown from the same trees,
Why boil us so hot?"
Wu Song Beats Tiger
Learn Chinese - Chinese Literature
On his way to visit his brother, Wu Song was at a place called Mount Jingyang. Though a bit drunk, he began to climb the mountain. Before long he saw a sign posted on a tree: "Travelers are advised to group together to climb over the mountain since tigers have killed some singular travelers of late. Please do not risk your life." Wu Song reasoned that the sign must have been written by the inn keeper at the foot of the mountain for the sake of scaring travelers into spending the night in his inn. He did not pay attention to the sign and continued on this way . At sunset he came to an old temple on top of the mountain. There Wu Song saw another official sing tigers on the mountain. Still, he decided no to return to the inn at the foot of the mountain for fear that the owner would laugh at him. He felt too drunk to
The Old Wife And The New
Learn Chinese - Chinese Literature
She goes uphill where herbs appear;
Downhill, she meets her former husband dear.
She kneels and asks him, "How do you...
How do you find your young wife new?"
"Though my new wife is no less fair,
My old wife is beyond compare.
In looks by your side she may stand,
But she's less clever with her hand.
Since she came in through the front door,
Green, green, the riverside grass
Learn Chinese - Chinese Literature

Green, green, the riverside grass,
Fair, fair, the embowered lass.
White, white, from the windows she sees
Lush, lush, the garden's willow trees.
In rosy, rosy, dress she stands;
She puts forth slender, slender hands.
A singing girl in early life,
Now she is a deserted wift.
Her husband's gone far, far away.
How can she bear her lone, lone day!
blacktail row
Learn Chinese - Chinese Literature
---Liu Yuxi

Grass has run wild now by the Bridge of Red-Birds;
And swallows\' wings, at sunset, in Blacktail Row
Where once they visited great homes,
Dip among doorways of the poor.

七言绝句    乌衣巷

朱雀桥边野草花, 乌衣巷口夕阳斜。
旧时王谢堂前燕, 飞入寻常百姓家。
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