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Classic Pieces (4) - The Analects
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【 论语原文选段之一 】 学而时习之


The Master said, To learn and at due times to repeat what one has learnt, is that not after all a pleasure? That friends should come to one from afar, is this not after all delightful? To remain unsoured even though one's merits are unrecognized by others, is that not after all what is expected of a gentleman?

Classic Pieces (3) - A Dream of Red Masions
Learn Chinese - Chinese Literature
This is a story from A Dream of Red Mansions. Third Sister You,a very pretty and strong character,was the sister of jia Zhen's wife. When Jia Zhen, a play boy by nature,was tired of his wife,his eyes fell on the beautiful Third Sister. Collaborasted with his cousin Jia Lian they tried to seduce the girl,only to be met with a harsh telling-off. The two playboys,scared by this virtuous but unyielding girl, tried to marry her off as soon as possible. When the Third Sister fell in love with LiuXianglian, an actor who had once played opera in the residence,her sister,Jia Zhen's wife,told her that the young man had left town. But the
Classic Pieces(2) - A Dream of Red Masions
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As Xi Ren,the leading service girl who had taken care of Baoyu was away to visit her home,the duties,and the charge of Yihongyuan Court,fell on Qing Wen. A girl anxious to excel in everything,Qing Wen did everything personally. For the special occasion of his uncle's birthday party,baoyu puton a very unique Russian-made cloak woven with threads from peacock feather,a gift from his grandmother. That evening,he returned with a sad look:the cloak had a hold burnt in it. Fortunately it was evening and the grandmother and the ladies in the house failed to notice. One servant hurriedly brought the cloak out to
Classic Pieces(1) - A Dream of Red Masions
Learn Chinese - Chinese Literature
As jia baoyu,Xue Baoqin,Xing youyan and Ping'er had birthdays on the same day,the young ladies held a hilarious drinking party in the hall of the peony garden for them. When it was Xiangyun's turn to compose a verse amid a drinking game,she made fun of the service maids by saying,holding a duck head in hand,"This ya tou (referring to the duck head in hand)is not that ya tou (referring to the service maids around,as both are homophones in Chinese),for this ya tou has applied no hair oil…." Everybody roared with laughter. Some
My Quiet Maiden
Learn Chinese - Chinese Literature
My quiet maiden is fair and tall;
She waits for me at the corner wall.
Evasive, she can be found nowhere;
Scratching my head, I seek here and there.

Beautiful is my quiet lass;
She gives me a blade of crimson grass.
The crimson grass spreads a rosy light;
I love the grass so fair and bright.

My maiden comes back from the mead;
She gives me a beautiful rare reed.
It's beautiful not because it's rare; But it's the gift of my maiden fair.
The Faithless Man
Learn Chinese - Chinese Literature
A man seemed free from guile,
In trade he wore a smile,
He'd barter cloth for thread;
No, to me he'd be wed.
We went across the ford;
I'd not give him my word.
I said by hillside green,
"You have no go-between.
Try to find one, I pray.
In autumn be the day!"
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