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Shanghai Memorial Hall/Former Residence of Lu Xun
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The Former Residence of Lu Xun

The famous writer, Lu Xun (lǔ xùn 鲁迅), was born in a small city south of Shanghai called Shaoxing in 1881. This man with humble origins, came to be recognized as one of the greatest twentieth century Chinese writers. The main focus of Lu Xun's work was to describe the lives of the poorer people in Chinese society in a plain style of prose. Known as the "father of modern Chinese literature" because of his role in developing the modern style of Chinese prose as well as in helping simplify the Chinese script, Lu Xun was a prolific (duō chǎn de 多产的) writer who translated science-fiction novels into Chinese just as easily as he penned scathing critiques of Confucianism (rú jiào 儒教) and the alternately submissive and arrogant Chinese character. Extolled as a political revolutionary (Mao Zedong penned an inscription on Lu Xun's tomb which lies at the north end of the park), Lu Xun was himself deliberately never a member of the Communist party. One can only imagine what his scathing (xī lì de 犀利的) pen would have had to say about China's current headlong (cāng cù di 仓促地) rush into capitalism.

At the eastern end of the park is a memorial hall devoted to his life, the Lu Xun Jinianguan. The main exhibit room on the second floor displays his many books and old photographs, as well as his hat, goatskin gown, and death mask. Signs are in English. A bookstore here sells English-language copies of some of his most famous works, such asThe Story of Ah Q.A 10-minute walk east of the park,Lu Xun's Former Residenceis a three-story brick house where he lived from 1933 to his death, and largely decorated as it was then. Exhibits here include an original writing brush as well as a clock marking his exact time of death on October 19, 1936: 5:25am.

Shanghai Memorial Hall of Lu Xun

Opening Hours: Daily 6am-6pm. Memorial hall and residence daily 9am-4pm
Address: Dong Jiangwan Lu 146 
Public Transportation: Light Rail: Hongkou Zuqiu Chang 
Tel: 021-5696-2894, 021-6540-2288
Admission Fee: Park admission ¥2 (25¢); includes Lu Xun's tomb.Memorial Hall admission ¥8/$1. residence admission ¥6 (75¢) 

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