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Home Practical Chinese Daily Figurative Slangs (45)
Daily Figurative Slangs (45)
Learn Chinese - Practical Chinese

每日惯用语 (45)
   Do as the others do
Do as the others do
【注音】suí dà liú
“To do as the others do” is a common mentality,so that one will not court danger as the saying goes:“the bird out of the group will be shot.”
Ex.:As a fashion designer, one must pursue novelty instead of following the trend.

Rigid or one-track mind
【注音】sǐ xīn yǎnr
In the old time, people used to believe that heart is the organ for thinking, and smart people have space in their hearts while stupid people’s heart is a dead plate. Therefore, we have expressions of si xin yanr and xin yanr huo to describe the two types of people.
Ex.:Everyone says that Lao Li is one-track minded. He has the least flexibility.


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