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Hebin Park

Hebin Park
(hé bīn gōng yuán 河滨公园) is a beautiful scenic park situated in the southwestern portion of urban Guiyang (guì yáng 贵阳). The park is surrounded with scenic views thanks to the enclosing hills on one side and the waterscapes on the other side. The hill is also cinematically covered with old banyan and pine trees, which give it its lush and vibrant green color.

hebin2The main buildings in the park includes the Crane Tower, the Morning Sun Pavilion, Monument to the People’s Heroes, Monument to the Return of Sovereignty, and the site of the former British Consulate. With all of these combined, Hebin Park covers a total area of 17.1 hectares, composed of a 2.62-hectare water system and a 14.48-hectare land area.

Hebin Park is quaintly seated on the banks of the Nanming River (nán míng hé 南明河), and this makes it easily accessible to tourists. At the foot of the hill, in the southern part, tourists can enjoy the view of the calm Nanming river patched with small clusters of willow trees stretching far and low along its river banks. The river is a good spot for swimming especially during the summer time, while the landscape offers a great view laden with vivid flower beds and fish ponds.

Aside from the natural beauty of the river and the hills surrounding the park, it is also made even more interesting by some notable structures that dot the area. Pavilions and amusement parks are nestled among the green trees that predominantly cover the park area. The park also encloses magnificent towers, rearing ponds, and a gallery ballroom.

hebin3Those who are looking for more activities to enjoy while spending time at Hebin Park can also explore the different bamboo buildings and structures constructed in the park; these include bamboo groves, bamboo gardens, bamboo rooms, bamboo corridors, and bamboo pavilions.

Visitors come to Hebin Park to relax and to go walking, although many people also like to watch birds there, as many different kinds tend to frequent the area.

Hebin Park is also very famous among families, thanks to an amusement park that stands right next to the Chinese style garden in the park. The said amusement park for children is the biggest in Guiyang and offers plenty of exciting rides such as a Ferris wheel, eel 14, electrical starships, merry go round, and a light basketball pitch game. The children’s amusement area is located in the northeast part of the park. Along with the zoo, the amusement area helps make the Hebin Park even more popular among families with kids.

For adults looking for peace and quiet, Hebin Park is also an ideal place to meditate. It offers an excellent refuge away from the busy city life of Guiyang. As a public park, visitors can enjoy the views of Chinese senior citizens practicing dance and tai chi in the park’s pavilion and young couples in romantic strolls, who are the most common visitors of the romantic and peaceful scenic area.

hebin4Additionally, there is also a science and technology exhibition area. The Science and Technology exhibit is a treat for science and technology lovers. The area always features new and updated science and technology exhibitions.

Lastly, the park has another notable part: the flower nursery and conservatory, which takes care and breeds flowers such as winter jasmine, camellia, and chrysanthemums.

Address: 31 Jinnan Road, Nanming District, Guiyang
Tel: 0851-5956270
Admission Fee: free
Opening Time: Daily, from 5:00 am to midnight
Transportation: Most city buses will stop at the Park. For the fastest route, however, take buses no. 1 and 2. You can also take a taxi from the Jiaxiu Tower for just CNY10; the ride will take around 5 to 7 minutes.
Tip: best Time to Visit: Summer