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Danxia Valley Scenic Area

   Danxia Valley
Danxia Valley Scenic Area
(dān xiá gǔ fēng jǐng qū 丹霞谷风景区) is located at Xishui County (xí shuǐ xiàn 习水县), Zunyi City (zūn yì shì 遵义市) of Guizhou Province (guì zhōu shěng 贵州省). Danxia Valley can represent the Danxia Landform of the plateau on the earth. It is a fortune the world leaving for Xishui and it is the shinning pearl dotted on the plateau in northern Guizhou.

Danxia  ValleyDanxia Mountain hides in the green forests. With clean waters around, the red stone peaks are erected to the sky. The huge red cliffs are gorgeous and in various shapes. Some of them are like the running animals, some are like old person, vivid and true to life. The waterfalls are falling down in the valley, like the net hanging in the woods as well as the curtain on the red rocks. The deep valley, the zigzag streams, the different peaks and rocks, and the mystical caves make this area a valley showplace (xiá gǔ dà guān yuán 峡谷大观园).

Waterflals in Danxia ValleyBesides the natural scenery, Danxia Valley is rich in cultural connotation. the inscription on precipices which can be traced back to Han Dynasty (hàn cháo 汉朝) is regarded as the top grade. The historic relics of the 48 workshops which were established by the entrepreneur Yuan Jindao (yuán jǐn dào 袁锦道) in the Qing Dynasty (qīng cháo 清朝) are still remained. The Wangxiantai Grotto (wàng xiān tái shí kū 望仙台石窟) which was constructed during the reign of Danxia ValleyEmperor Jiaqing (jiā qìng 嘉庆) in the Qing Dynasty is regarded as the No. 1 grotto within Guizhou for its delicate sculpts and fine craftsmanship.

The superior geographical position, landform and topography make the Danxia Valley cool in summer and warm in winter. Like a natural oxygen bar and air conditioner, the Danxia Valley provides the tourists a Promised Land and summer resort.

Danxia Valley Scenic Area
Location: Sanchahe Village (sān chà hé xiāng 三岔河乡), Xishui County (xí shuǐ xiàn 习水县), Zunyi City
Admission fee: CNY 60
Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Transportation: you can take a bus at Zunyi City to get Xishui and then take a minibus to Danxia Valley

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