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Home Practical Chinese Daily Figurative Slangs (37)
Daily Figurative Slangs (37)
Learn Chinese - Practical Chinese
每日惯用语 (37)

卖关子  keep people guessing

【注音】mài guān zi
Novelists or storytellers like to stop the story at the very climax to keep readers or listeners in suspension. This technique can be also applied in dealing with people——stop action at the most critical moment in order to attract the opposite side to meet their demand.
A:Manager, XX Company has called to say that they won't sign the contract if we don't meet their demand.
B:Don't take it seriously. They are just tantalizing us. Remember that they also want the contract, don't they?

马拉松  a long process
【注音】mǎ lā sōng
As the longest distance running race in the world, Marathon became a word used to describe protracted and long-lasting process. The same with its Chinese version ma la song.
Ex.:Chairman of the Board of Directors is a meeting-holic. Every meeting he held is a marathon.

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