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Essential office Chinese :problem
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机器系统出毛病了。 There's a system's failure.

出毛病了。 There's a breakdown.

我打电话投诉产品问题。 I'm phoning to complain about the product.

很抱歉。出什么问题了? I'm sorry to hear that. What exactly is the problem?

坏了。/不运行了。/出毛病了。 It's broken./It doesn't work./It's faulty.

我想我能做得更好。 I think I can do better than that.

问题是复印机坏了。 The problem is the photocopier isn't working.

怎么回事?哪里出毛病了? What's wrong? What exactly is the problem?

复印机卡纸了 There's some paper stuck in the machine.


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