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Learn Chinese - Practical Chinese

One single foot is difficult to stand firmly. It a good balance for a human to stand with two feet.

It evolved from round to square, which is the basic form of Chinese characters.

目(mù):eyes. Chinese say 眼睛 (yǎn jīng) today to refer to eyes in oral language. The character 目 became an important part (calling piān páng in Chinese) in combining other Chinese characters. At the same time, the meaning of the meaning of “eyes” for目were kept in some idioms or ancient Chinese texts.

木 (mù) means trees. 林 (lín) means forests, and 森(sēn) means woods. You have learned three characters within one breath. An important feature of modern Chinese is that two-character word is very popular. Chinese usually say trees 树木(shù mù), forest 树林 (shù lín), and woods 森林(sēn lín).


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