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Home Practical Chinese Popular Vocabulary Dictionary(E-G)
Popular Vocabulary Dictionary(E-G)
Learn Chinese - Practical Chinese
厄尔尼诺 El Nino
恶性肿瘤 malignant tumor
恶性循环 vicious circle
遏制通货膨胀 curb (check, curtail) the inflation

法轮功 Falun Gong Cult
发行股票、债券 issue shares and bonds
发扬优良传统 carry forward the fine traditions
发优惠券以促销 issue discount shopping coupons to promote sales
发展文学艺术、新闻出版、广播影视 develop literature, the arts, the press, publications, radio, film and television; promote literature and art, the press and publishing, radio, film and television
发展新兴产业和高技术产业 develop rising and high-tech industries
发展畜牧业、养殖业、林业 develop animal husbandry (livestock farming), aquaculture and forestry
反对铺张浪费 oppose/combat extravagance and waste
反倾销 anti-dumping
防暴警察 riot police
防止经济过热 prevent an overheated economy (overheating of the economy)
防止国有资产流失 prevent the loss (devaluation) of State assets
防止泡沫经济 avoid a bubble economy too many bubbles in economy)
分流下岗人员争取再就业 redirect laid-off workers for reemployment
扶贫、脱贫 poverty reduction and elimination
妇幼保健 maternity and child care

改革开放和现代化建设的总设计师 the chief architect of China's reform, opening and modernization drive
改进产业结构和产品结构 improve the industrial pattern and product mix
该公司股票已经上市 the stock of the company have been listed (have gone public, have been launched)
赶上或超过国际先进水平 catch up with or even surpass advanced world levels
高举邓小平理论的伟大旗帜 hold high the greater banner of Deng xiaoping Theory
各族人民 people of all nationalities (all ethnic groups)
个体户 self-employed households /people
个人所得税 individual income tax
个体工商业者 individual industrialists and businessman
公务员 public servants; civil servants; government functionaries; government employees
股份合作制 the joint stock cooperative system
股份制 the joint stock system
股票热降温了 the stock craze has abated
股市指数 the stock market (exchange) index
股市指数突破1300点大关 the stock index broke the 1300-poit mark
股指暴跌,跌幅7.8%,以14.3元探底 the index slumped 7.8 percent to 14.3 Yuan
鼓励兼并,规范破产 encourage mergers and standardize bankruptcy procedures
规模经济,减轻就业压力 to ease the pressure of employment (the employment pressure)
国防科技 defence-related science and technology
国际大都市 cosmopolis
国家指定考试 government-mandated test
国家主席/总理/副总理/国务委员/部长/省长/厅、局长/县长/处长/科长/乡长/村民委员会主任 president/premier/vice premier/state councilor/minister/governor/bureau director/county magistrate, county head/department head/ section chief/ head of the township/chairman of the village committee
国家公务员制度 the system of public services
国内生产总值/国民生产总值 GDP (Gross Domestic Product)/ GNP (Gross National Product)
国事访问 a state visit
恒生指数(香港)宽幅震荡 the Heng Sheng index fluctuated violently
获薄利 earn (make) narrow profits
获厚利 earn (make, reap) substantial profits

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