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Home Practical Chinese Popular Chinese Words: Xiaozi
Popular Chinese Words: Xiaozi
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Xiaozi (小资) became a popular word of urban fashion at the turn of the century. It may be translated pretty Bourgeoisie. It symbolizes a new change of Chinese social class and its advancement to a business society.

Xiaozi (小资) is a short form of xiao ziben zhuyi (小资本主义). Thirty years ago, ziben zhuyi(资本主义) is related to something evil and decadent, which is in opposition to the peasants, the major force of the social class. Its negative implication did not disappear until 1980s. Later, with the emergence of urban class, such as bailing (白领) white-collar professionals, xiaozi then got another meaning.

What’s the meaning of xiaozi? Just like the often-mentioned term zhongchan (中产, namely middle class ), it is quite ambiguous in China. Xiaozi may cover a similar group composed of bailing. But xiaozi pays more attention to a taste, a lifestyle, an imagination rather than a real class. Those single women aged below 30 are the main force being called xiaozi.

The following are some Characters of Xiaozi.
1. Live in metropolis like Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Paris.
2. Spend one-third of their monthly income on bars and restaurants. Drink coffee and like French cuisine.
3. Spend one-third of their monthly income each month on clothes. Fill the wardrobe with brand-name clothes.
4. Have Zhang Ailing’s books on the bookshelf or paintings by Vincent Van Gogh on the wall.
5. Love Watching European art performance and listening to Italian violin.
6. Hate saving money, which means meiyue dou huaguang (不攒钱,工资每月都花光)。
Originally the circle of xiaozi was envied by many young women and every young girl wanted to became one member of the group. With the emergence of zhongchan, which implies owing a certain quantity of fortune besides houses and cars, xiaozi then implying a meaning of pursuing mental enjoyment despite poor.
A similar word with xiaozi is called xiao nuren(小女人). We will talk about it compared with nuqiangren (女强人)。

小资 (xiǎo zī)
小资本主义 (xiǎo zī běn zhǔ yì)
资本主义 (zī běn zhǔ yì )
白领 (bái lǐng)
中产 (zhōng chǎn )
小女人 (xiǎo nǚ rén)
女强人 (nǚ qiáng rén )

bié kàn xiǎo zī men dà bǎ dà bǎ dé huā qián ,qí shí tā men bìng méi yǒu duō shǎo cún kuǎn

kā fēi、zá zhì、yīn yuè、měi nǚ, zhè jiù shì méi tǐ gěi wǒ men guàn shū de xiǎo zī de gài niàn 。

zhè gè nǚ rén hěn “ xiǎo zī ” 。

bié gēn wǒ tán “ xiǎo zī le ”,xiàn zài dà jiā dōu zài zhuī qiú “ zhōng chǎn ” 。

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