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Classic Pieces (5) - The Analects
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【 论语原文选段之六 】 三人行必有我师


The Master said, Even when walking in a party of no more than three I can always be certain of learning from those I am with. There will be good qualities that I can select for imitation and bad ones that will teach me what requires correction in myself.


【论语原文选段之七】 己所不欲


Confucius said ,“ When you go out of your home, behave as is you were meeting important guests; when you are using the common people's labor, behave as if you were conducting a solemn sacrificial ceremony. Do not impose on others what you do not desire yourself. Bear no grudge against the state where you work; have no feeling of dissatisfaction when you stay at home. ”

孔子说: “每次出门做事就好像要去接待贵宾,在使用民众的劳力时就好像是承担大的祭祀。自己不想要得事物,不要强加给别人。无论是在邦国中做事,或是在家中闲居,都没有什么怨恨。”

【原文选段之八】 富贵、贫贱

子曰: “富与贵是人之所欲也;不以其道得之,不处也。贫与贱是人之所恶也,不以其道,得之不去也。”

Confucius said , “Wealth and high position are desired by all men, but if they are not gained in the right way, they should not be accepted. Poverty and low position are hated by all men, but if they cannot be rid if in the right way, they should not be given up.”

孔子说: “富裕和显贵是人人向往的,但不用正当的方法得到,不能接受。贫穷与卑贱是人人厌恶的,但不用正当的方法,有了也不能摆脱。”

【原文选段之九】 刚、毅、木、讷


Confucius said , “Being firm, resolute, simple and reticent is close to being humane.”

孔子说: “刚强、坚定、质朴、寡言这四种品格接近仁德。”

【原文选段之十】 唯仁者能好人


Confucius said , “Only the humane can love others and hate others.”

孔子说: “只有仁人才能真正地喜欢人,厌恶人。”

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