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Home Travel in Guizhou Dong Nationality Drum Tower
Dong Nationality Drum Tower

   Dong Nationality Drum Tower
Dong Nationality Drum Tower
(dòng zhài gǔ lóu 侗寨鼓楼) is the symbol of the architectures of Dong Ethnic Group (dòng zú 侗族). It is called Tangka (táng kǎ 堂卡) or Tangwa (táng wǎ 堂瓦) in Dong language. In Liping County (lí píng xiàn 黎平县), Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture (miáo zú dòng zú zì zhì zhōu 苗族侗族自治州) in southern Guizhou Province (guì zhōu shěng 贵州省), the Dong Nationality Drum Tower is extremely typical.

Dong Nationality Drum TowerThe Drum Tower can be divided into two sorts, namely, the single-pillar tower and the multi-pillars tower. The single-pillar tower is braced by one pillar, while the multi-pillar tower is braced by four main pillars and 12 other pillars. All the towers are put a Qixin Drum (qí xīn gǔ 齐心鼓) on the top, hence the name Drum Tower. All the towers are constructed by China fir, without any nail and rivet. All the woods are combined with tenons and hanging pillar, which is firm and tight.

Usually the Drum Tower can be divided into three parts: the upper part, the middle part and the lower part. The upper part of the tower is the apex. In the center, there is a steel pillar, with the china bead, which make it like a calabash. The roof of the tower is mainly in umbrella shape, with six angles, six angles, or eight angles. The middle part of the tower is the main body, like the pagoda. From the bottom to the top, each is getting bigger. On the board of the roof, there painted animals, famous people, flowers, and the customs of the Dong Ethnic Group (dòng zú 侗族), which are delicate and elegant. Around the rooms in the tower, there are wooden benches. In the center there is a round fireplace.

Dong Nationality Drum TowerDrum Tower is the symbol of solidarity, lucky and prosperous. In Liping County, there are 321 drums towers in total. Some are standing alone, and some are standing abreast with each other. The unique flavor of the drum tower makes it indispensable scenery for the tourists travel in Guizhou.

Dong Nationality Drum Tower
Location: Liping County, Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture
Admission fee: CNY 5
Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Transportation: you can take a bus at Guiyang Bus Station to Liping
Attractions nearby: Gaopo Township, Qingyan Ancient Town, Tianhe Pool Scenic Area, Hongfeng Lake, Hongfu Temple