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Five Yue
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

"Five Yue" refers to the five famous and big mountains in China, which are respectively located in the east, south, west, north and south of the country.

Tai Mountain, the east Yue, most famous for its sunrise. It is also worthwhile to mention its close distance to Kongfuzi's hometown in Shandong province.Hua Mountain, the west Yue, most famous for the height and difficult trails to climb, every year there are reports of tourists lost their lives because of the crowdness and the bad trail condition, still, many more want to go. Heng Mountain, the south Yue, most famous for the forest and the nice plant and animal habitats, also not heavily visited. Song Mountain, the middle Yue, most famous for the Buddhism temple and the traditional martial arts. Hen Mountain, the north Yue, is the highest one. It is most famous for bare stones and ancient Buddhism and Taoism temples.               
All five Yue are named according to their relative locations. For example, Tai Mountain is called "East Yue" as it is the easternmost one of the five. Ever since the ancient times, these five mountains are regarded highly as there is a phrase in Chinese saying " you don't want to see any mountain if you just come back from five Yue". This tells you how great the views at these mountains, and how these mountains perfectly represent the different mountain view in different geographic regions of China.






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