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The Safari Park
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  The Safari Park
The Safari Park is located on the bank of the beautiful Xili Lake (xī lì hú 西丽湖), Shenzhen (shēn zhèn 深圳). It covers an area of 1.2 million square kilometers. The park was the first municipal project which was invested and run by Shenzhen Tourism Corporation. With green mountains to the north as its barrier, more than thirty large animal stone sculpture to the south, luxuriously green Lichees to the south and the magnificent Xili Lake to the west, the Safari Park is like a bright pearl in the bustling city.

PandaThere are more than 10,000 animals of over 300 species. Some of them belong to world-class rare birds and beasts and some are under state protection at A or B levels, for example, giant panda, golden monkey, south china tiger, Siberian tiger, flamingo, Magellan Penguin (mài zhé lún qí é 麦哲伦企鹅), zebra, Asian elephants, red-crowned crane (dān dǐng hè 丹顶鹤), rhinoceros (xī niú 犀牛) etc.. The park is divided into three zones: the herbivore zone (shí cáo dòng wù qū 食草动物区), the adventurous beasts' zone (měng shòu qū 猛兽区) and the walking and performing  zone (biǎo yǎn qū 表演区).

The Herbivore Zone
In this zone, animals are very tame, for example, giraffes, flamingos, zebras, kangaroos, camels, hippopotamuses, swans, pandas and so on. 
The Adventurous Beasts’ Zone
There lived the ferocious tigers and lions and the charmingly naive bears. Apart from these, there are white tigers (Bengal tigers), North China tigers (Siberian tigers), South China tigers, wolves, lions and cheetahs. In China, a saying goes that ‘one mountain cannot have two tigers’, but in the Chinese Liger Hill, tigers and lions live harmoniously with each other. At here, you will find the only tiglon (hǔ shī 虎狮) in the world and rare ligers.

peacockThe Walking and Performing Zone
In this zone you can see Crocodile Pool (è yú chí 鳄鱼池), Animal Viewing Tower (dòng wù liǎo wàng tǎ 动物瞭望塔), performing field, the aquarium, Monkey Hill, Snake House, Panda Hall etc.. There are red orangutans from India, sometimes they serve as salesmen, cooperating with the parrots as cashiers and sometimes cooperate with elephants as porters. Every day, the zoo holds many wonderful animal performances in the four animal performance halls, especially the unique Bai Shou Sheng Hui (bǎi shòu shèng huì 百兽盛会). Another exciting performance played by more than 300 actors and about 1,000 animals is also a pioneer in the world. The elephants act as the leaders of the parade, with tigers, lions and other animals following behind and clouds of pigeons hovering in the sky.

bearThe Safari Park is visited by a considerable number of tourists all year round and is an integral aspect of Shenzhen Tours. Visitors surely will have a sense of "experiencing the wild nature and back to the Nature".

Address: Qinyuan Road (qìn yuán lù 沁园路), Nanshan District (nán shān qū 南山区), Shenzhen
Admission fee: CNY 120
Opening hours: 8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Bus: 101、226、66、104、237A、240、361