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Wutong Mountain

  Wutong Mountain
Wutong Mountain (wú tóng shān 梧桐山) is located in the east of Shenzhen (shēn zhèn 深圳) special economic zone. It is the tallest mountain in Shenzhen. Wutong Mountain covers an area of about 32 square kilometers. In May, 1993, the Guangdong Provincial Government awarded the mountain as provincial scenic spots.

Wutong MountainAs the relict ridge of Lianhua Mountain (lián huā shān 莲花山), Wutong Mountain is one of the "Xinan (xīn ān 新安) Eight Landscapes” which has rich human landscape. There are three main mountain peak in its main ridge with heights of 692, 706 and 944 meters. From the top of the mountain, you can see the splendid beauty of the city of Hong Kong, wide blue sea and the green landscape. 

Wutong MountainAlso, the mountain is the main distribution region of the natural evergreen broad-leaved forest. It can be divided into south semitropics evergreen broad-leaved forest, south semitropics mountainous evergreen broad-leaved forest and bosquet in mountaintop. There is a Shijian Stone (shì jiàn shí 试剑石) and a Mojian Stone (mó jiàn shí 磨剑石) in Wutong Mountain. The Shijian Stone is twenty times bigger than the one in Suzhou Huqiu (sū zhōu hǔ qiū 苏州虎丘). The Waterfall, marvellous stone, ancient trees, emerald bamboo, beautiful scenery, and the surpassing scenery etc. are really amazing.
Wutong Mountain includes Main Entrance Area (zhǔ rù kǒu jǐng qū 主入口景区), Feng Gu Ming Qin Area (fèng gǔ míng qín jǐng qū 凤谷鸣琴景区), Wutong Scenic Clouds Area (wú tóng yān yún jǐng qū 梧桐烟云景区), Biwu Xifeng Area (bì wú qī fèng jǐng qū 碧梧栖凤景区), Ecological Protection Zone (shēng tài bǎo hù qū 生态保护区), Forest Conservation Area (fēng shān yù lín qū 封山育林区), East Lake Park Area (dōng hú gōng yuán jǐng qū 东湖公园景区), and Fairy Lake Botanical Garden Area (xiān hú zhí wù yuán jǐng qū 仙湖植物园景区) and so on.  

   The First Mountain of Pengcheng
Wutong Mountain is the source of Shenzhen River (shēn zhèn hé 深圳河). It is compactly covered with forests. The spring from its main peak flows into the unfathomable Heavenly Pond (tiān chí 天池). There are a group of lover trees at the foot of the mountain which consist of nine aged trees knitted together, so lovers can pray together in front of the lover trees for eternal love. Under the trees, there is a celestial armchair, you will enjoy sitting on it.

Address: Dawang Village, Shawan (shā wān dà wàng cūn 沙湾大旺村), Luohu District (luó hú qū 罗湖区)
Admission fee: Free
Opening hours: All day

East: No. 103, 202, 205, 208, 360, 363, 364, 365
South: No. 220, 218, 113, 311, 111
West: No. 211
North: No. 361

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