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Xiaomeisha Beach Resort
Travel in Guangdong

 Xiaomeisha Beach
(xiǎo méi shā 小梅沙), shining like a bright pearl decorating the east coast of Dapeng Bay (dà péng wān 大鹏湾), about 30 kilometers from downtown Shenzhen, is a well-known seaside scenic spots and is praised as the "Oriental Hawaii".

Xiaomeisha is embraced by green mountains on three sides, a dark blue sea on the other and the bright crescent-like beach enchased between the azure blue sky and sea. Look around, there is a tropical rainforest with white sand beach around Xiaomeisha. XiaomeishaThis place overlooks Hong Kong into the distance. With the elegant environment of sunshine, golden sand beach, waves and fresh air, Xiaomeisha has become an ideal seaside resort attracting tourists all over the world. The sky here is especially loftier, the sea cleaner and the beach softer. The blue sea extends to tens of thousands of miles away and the exuberant coconut palms dances on the shore. There are far-flung bathing place and a lot of entertaining items like the parachute-jumping on the sea, motorboats, sailing, jet skiing, sea kayaking and diving. The sand beach on which a series of happy footprints have been left extends thousands of miles around the sea, has ignited a number of Shenzhen people's laughter and dreams. 


On the BeachIn summer, Xiaomeisha is vibrant with charm and energy. Buildings of different style nestled in the shadow of the green trees, lined coconuts waving and rustling in the breeze, colorful sunshades on the beach blooming like flowers, the yachts plow the spoondrifts, the parachutes open in the sky from time to time, the giant waves beat the coast of Dunzhou Island (dūn zhōu dǎo 墩洲岛) and the sound of playing and singing has never been stopped. In the evening, bonfire burns high in the kilo-person barbecue field with the tempting smell of food going with the breeze to the wilderness.

The resort also entertains its visitors with a Marine World seating by the seashore, which covers an area of about 200,000 m2. The Marine World consists of 9 aquariums, 2 parks Marine Worldand an island, namely: ”the aquarium, polar bear museum, museum of the Arctic fox, fantasy journeys aquarium, whale sharks hall, shark aquarium, seashells hall, the science museum, model aircraft museum, marine park, Turtle Island Aquarium, polar bear Museum, Museum of the Arctic fox, fantasy journeys through aquariums, whale sharks Hall, Shark Aquarium, seashells Hall, the science museum, model aircraft museum, marine park, Turtle Island and Poseidon (hǎi shén 海神) Garden. In Poseidon Garden, the largest Polar Animal World of South China, which is newly-completed in 2009, there are brilliant performances of dolphins, sea lions and seals everyday that widen the tourists’ horizon. Xiaomeisha Marine World is currently a marine theme park that covers the largest scale, the largest numbers of exhibition hall and the richest amusements throughout China.

Marine WorldThis resort is a well-equipped, fully furnished, healthy and content-rich tourist paradise consisting of a vast beach, a Marine World and water sports, accommodation, catering and shopping facilities. The supporting services are from soup to nuts. Villas, restaurants, department stores, tents and barbecue could all be found inside the resort. A day spent out here can be enjoyable, satisfied and totally alienated from the cement and cranes of the city.

Opening time (Marine World): 9:30 a.m. -- 8:20 p.m.
Address: The resort is situated 30km from the city center, east of Dapeng Bay.
How to get there: Take bus No. 103 360 364 380 and 387
Admission Fee: Xiaomeisha Beach: 20 RMB 
                       Marine World: 120 RMB
Tel: 0755-25035555, 25035556
Attractions nearby: Dameisha Seashore Park