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Home Chinese Idiom 郭氏之墟 (guō shì zhī qiū)
郭氏之墟 (guō shì zhī qiū)
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On a vacation trip, Duke Huan of the state of Qi came to the ruin of the capital of Guo Shi , which perished long ago.  

Seeing the desolate and bleak prospects of broken tiles, collapsed walls, and clusters of weeds, he could not help asking the local people about the reason of the ruin of Guo Shi.  

They replied,"Guo Shi was fond of doing good deeds, and averse to evildoing, which led to the perdition."

When the Duke could not understand the answer, people explained ," Though he liked doing good, he had never been able to do so; though he hated evildoing, never could he help not participating. That caused the ruin of his capital."




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