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Home Practical Chinese Daily Figurative Slangs (57)
Daily Figurative Slangs (57)
Learn Chinese - Practical Chinese

每日惯用语(57)—— 饱眼福、不管三七二十一


Chinese slangs

A 饱眼福
Feast one's eyes on.

【发音】bǎo yǎn fú

            To feast one's eyes on something special, rare or beautiful. To be psychologically satisfied.

           The Women's Water Ballet performance was very wonderful. It was a feast for our eyes.

           The audience feasted their eyes on the wonderful performance.

Chinese slangsB 不管三七二十一

Regardless of all the consequences.

【发音】bù guǎn sān qī èr shí yī

             No matter what others may say. Regardless of the consequences.

           I'll carry out the plan, regardless of the consequences.

           Let’s enjoy ourselves and damn the consequences.


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