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Home Practical Chinese Daily Figurative Slangs (55)
Daily Figurative Slangs (55)
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Chinese slangs

A 帮倒忙
Be more of a hindrance than a help. Do someone a disservice.

【发音】bāng dào máng

            This phrase refers to a person who tries to perform good deeds or to help others but causes more trouble in the process.

【例1】 她替儿子做作业,反而帮了倒忙。
             She did her son a disservice by doing his homework for him.

           No doubt he means to help, but in fact he just gets in the way.

Chinese slangsB 搬起石头砸自己的脚

Suffer as a result of one's own actions. Be hoist by/with one’s own petard

【发音】bān qǐ shí tǒu zá zì jǐ dē jiǎo

            This phrase describes a situation in which someone is going to raise a stone to hit others but have his foot squashed at last. It means that someone plans to make others miserable but end up getting hurt themselves.

           He wanted to cheat others, but was cheated by others; he was really hoist by his own petard.

           I thought I would embarrass the financial director by revealing his next month's projection but I was hoist with my own petard when the leak was traced back to me.


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