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Home Practical Chinese Daily Figurative Slangs (54)
Daily Figurative Slangs (54)
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Chinese slangs

A 八字没一撇
There’s no sign of anything happening yet; nothing has been done so far.

【发音】bā zì méi yī piě

            Pie is the left-falling stroke in Chinese and the first strike for character ba. This phrase literally means that the first strike isn’t complete yet for the character ba, which is used to express that a lot has yet to do to complete something.

           It has barely started.

           Don’t talk to me about raising children. Actually, I haven’t got married yet!

Chinese slangsB 安乐窝
Cozy nest.

【发音】ān lè wō

            This phrase is named after a gentleman’s house in Song Dynasty, which refers to a comfortable and cozy place.

           The couple always dreamed of building a cozy nest for themselves.

           They may keep their eyes open for whatever is inferior to Singapore, such as dirty and poor places infested with crime, and then return to their little clean and tidy homes, lying down in comfort and smugness.


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