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Home Chinese Idiom 东道主人 (dōng dào zhǔ rén)
东道主人 (dōng dào zhǔ rén)
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During the Spring and Autumn Period (chūn qiū 春秋时期,770-476 BC), the kingdom of Chin was planning to collaborate with kingdom of Ch'in to attack the kingdom of Cheng. Duke Wen of Cheng was sure that he didn't have a chance against these two large kingdoms, and very afraid. So, at the suggestion of one of his official, the duke sent his minister Ju Jr-wu to Ch'in to try to convince the king not to attack Cheng.

Upon arriving in Ch'in, Ju Jr-wu was stopped by a soldier on duty and not allowed into court. When he saw the sun set in the west, he began to cry, at which point he was taken to see the king to find out why he was so upset. Ju replied, "Cheng is to the east of Ch'in, and Ch'in is to its west. If Ch'in were to take over Cheng and expand its border, Ch'in would also be in danger. I am crying for the kingdoms of Cheng and Ch'in." The king agreed that Ju Jr-wu had a point,and Ju Jr-wu continued, "If Ch'in does not attack Cheng, Cheng will be the host of the east, willing to entertain anyone from Ch'in who goes there." The king of Ch'in was finally persuaded, He withdrew his troops, and relieved Cheng's crisis.

Today, anyone who acts as a host can be referred to as "the host of the east."


烛之武被守将栏阻,见不到秦王。眼看日落西山,他就放声大哭。兵士把他带到秦王面前,问他哭的原因。他说:“郑国在晋国的东边。秦国在晋国西边。如果晋国 占领了郑国,疆土扩展,秦国也就很危险了。所以我为郑秦两国而哭。”秦王点点头,觉得很有道理。他接着说:“如果秦国不攻打郑国,郑国愿意做东边道上的主 人,招待来郑国的秦人。”秦王终于被说动撤兵,解除了郑国的危机。

东道主人(dōng dào zhǔ rén)
【翻译】The Host of The East.


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