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Tongjiao Temple
Travel in Beijing

Tongjiao TempleReligion in Beijing is quite diverse. The main religion is Buddhism, which encompasses Lamaism, and Taoism, Islam and Christianity (mainly Catholicism). Religious beliefs played an important role in the history, culture and development of art in Beijing, with Buddhism, Taoism and Islam playing the largest roles.

Tongjiao Temple (Tōngjiāosì 通教寺) is a renown Buddhist temple in Beijing. It is located in a deep alley off a street of the Inner Dongzhimen area. It was recognized as a national key Buddhist establishment in the Han area by the State Council in 1953. It is a institution for Buddhist nuns and a venue for religious events.

It was originally built in the Ming dynasty, and has seen many revivals and revisions over the years, but its modern history began in 1949, when two nuns from Fujian dedicated themselves to reconstructing the dilapidated building though hard work and fundraising.

Tongjiao TempleThe nunnery has retained its purpose of instructing those in the Buddhist faith since then, and in 1983 it was designated as a key cultural sight by the Chinese government.

The nunnery is flush with greenery and flowers, and the central courtyard in decorated handsomely with Buddhist statues and altars for burning incense.

While its small book and souvenir shop contains most of the items you can expect to find at other Beijing temples, Tongjiao Temple has an atmosphere of a peaceful retreat rather than a tourist spot.

Tel: +86 10 6405 5918.
Admission Ticket: Free Admission
Opening Hours: the 1st and 15th day of each month on the Chinese Lunar calendar (from 8:00 – 11:00)
How to Get There: Take Buses 18, 24, 26 or 107 and get off at Xiaojie Stop.
Address: No.19, Zhenxian Alley, Inner Dongzhimen North Street (东直门北小街针线胡同19号; Dōngzhíménběixiǎojiē Zhēnxiànhútòng) (800m northwest of Dongzhimen Metro Station (lines 2 and 13))


Tongjiao Temple