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Songshan National Nature Reserve
Travel in Beijing

Songshan National Nature Reserve

Just a 90 minute drive from the capital of China lies the 11,500-acre Songshan National Nature Reserve (sōng shān zì rán bǎo hù qū 松山自然保护区). The rich biodiversity of this — the first national level nature reserve near Beijing — makes it a chosen destination for millions who want to experience nature.

Visitors come to the reserve in hopes of spotting one of the four nationally protected species found here: the golden eagle, imperial eagle, golden leopard and black stork — or some of the hundreds of other animal species who call the reserve home. They meander the reserve’s hiking trails through hundred year old Chinese pine forests, freshwater streams and dramatic rock formations.

Songshan National Nature Reserve

Even those city dwellers who do not visit the reserve in person benefit from the ecological services the reserve offers, such as cleaner air, freshwater storage and dust storm prevention.
Songshan’s beauty and location have made it increasingly popular — and vulnerable. The high number of visitors coupled with a lack of science-based planning and ecotourism regulations have had a significant impact on the biological health of the reserve.

Songshan National Nature Reserve

The nature reserve is surrounded by mountains on all sides and has a pleasant climate. Most of the peaks are 1,200 meters above sea level, among which Mt. Haituo, 2,199.6 meters above sea level, is the second highest peak in Beijing. The tourist area is featured by unique natural landscape, and there are rolling hills, various-shaped ancient pines and cypresses, winding brooks, grotesque rocks and cliffs, waterfalls. Major attractions include the Hundred-Waterfall Spring, Eight Immortals Cave, Pine and Moon Pool, Lion Drinking the Water, Golden Toad Watching the Moon, and Flying Dragon Cliff.

Songshan National Nature Reserve Address: Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing Country;
Entry ticket: 30 yuan;
Opening hours: 6:00-18:00;
Transportation: Take Bus No. 919 at the Deshengmen Stop to Yanqing Country; then change local bus route 920 (5 yuan/60 US cents) to the forest park;
Tel: 010-69112634; 69112020;
Hiking Time: 4-5 hours
Hiking Level: beginner - intermediate
Cable car: not Available
Best time to go: Autumn ( Oct.10-Nov.15 )
Distance from downtown Beijing: 70 km

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