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Home History and Culture Hangzhou Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors
Hangzhou Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors
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Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors are produced in Hangzhou City, the provincial capital of Zhejiang Province in East China. In China, the brand Zhang Xiaoquan represents not only scissors, but also profound Chinese culture. Every generation worked hard to keep its reputation. In the past 300-odd years of history, Zhang Xiaoquan has never been more popular than today.

Made locally since the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1662-1723), Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors are reputed as the best scissors in China. More than 300 hundred years ago, the founder of Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors, Zhang Jiasi, adopted the techniques to make Zhejiang Longquan Sword, and innovated the skill of inlaying scissors with steel. The scissors he made was famous far and wide for their tartness and shininess. Zhang Xiaoquan, the son of Zhang Jiasi, inherited his father's business and improved the processing techniques with strict regulations on mode, standard, variety and the degree of tartness. Thus, he established the brand Zhang Xiaoquan, which made quite a prosperous business in the following several hundred years.

The King Scissors of Zhang Xiaoquan made in Hangzhou, 115 cm long and 56.64 kg in weight, have been recorded in the Genes World Record, while the smallest scissors are as tiny as 3 cm long and several grams in weight. In 1901, Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors won its first silver prize at the Nanyang Quanye Exposition (an exposition for famous products held in the coastal cities of China in the Qing Dynasty); in 1919, it won the fourth prize at Panama World Exposition.

The Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors Factory in Hangzhou was established in 1957, and now, it has developed into the largest scissors manufacturer in China.

The factory, which releases 10 new designs yearly, also offers attractive models with ruler blades designed for children. The company is a top producer with sales and exports respectively accounting for 40 and 33% of China's total output of scissors. More than 30% of its output goes to about 40 counties and regions like Japan, Europe and Taiwan.


位于中国东部的杭州市是浙江省的省会所在地,此地出产的张小泉剪刀是中国闻名中外的传统名牌产品。 张小泉剪刀始创于清代康熙(公元1662~1723年)年间,距今已有300余年的历史。创始人张家思在吸收浙江龙泉宝剑锻造技术的基础上,首创出“剪刀镶钢”工艺,他制造的剪刀刀口锋利,光亮照人,名闻天下。张家思之子张小泉继承父业后更是精益求精,对剪刀的样式、规格、品种以及锋利程度等方面进行了改进,并开设“张小泉”剪刀店,创造了“张小泉”这一品牌。此后的数百年间,“张小泉”一直产销两旺,盛名不衰。1910年张小泉剪刀在第一次南洋劝业会上荣获银质奖。1913年获国货展览会二等奖。1919年获巴拿马万国博览会四等奖。


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