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Home Chinese Idiom 昙花一现 (tán huā yī xiàn)
昙花一现 (tán huā yī xiàn)
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The broad-leaved epiphyllum is a beautiful and precious white flower which usually blooms at night, and its blossom only lasts for a brief period. According to a Buddhist legend, the plant blooms only on the birth of divine kings.
This idiom describes thing which disappear shortly after they come into being.

昙花(tán huā)是一种美丽而珍贵的花。这种花多在夜间开放,开花的时间又极短,很快就凋谢了。所以人们很难得看见。按照佛教的传说,转轮王出世。昙花才能生长出来,极力形容昙花难得出现。“昙花一现”比喻事物或人物出现不久就消失了。

昙花一现 (tán huā yī xiàn)
【翻 译】A flower that vanishes as soon as it appears.
【释 义】昙花,开放时间很短。比喻美好的事物或景象出现了一下,很快就消失。
【例 句】人生没有多少年,只昙花一现一转眼。

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