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Home Chinese Idiom 老马识途 (lǎo mǎ shí tú)
老马识途 (lǎo mǎ shí tú)
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In the Spring and Autumn Period (chūn qiū 春秋时期,770-476 BC), Duke Huan of Qi (qí huán gōng 齐桓公) led an army to attack a small state in the north. They went in spring when green grass covered the ground. But when they came back it was winter. Everywhere was white with snow and the wind was howling. The troops lost their way. While everybody was worrying, Guan Zhong, the duke's chief minister, said: "An old horse may know the way." So the duke ordered several old horses to be choosed to lead the army. In the end, they found the way back home.This idiom refers to the value of experience.

在春秋时期,齐桓公应燕国的要求,出兵攻打北部的山戎。他们是春天出征的,但是回来时已经是冬天了。到处覆盖着积雪,风也很大。军队迷路了。大家都很着 急,这时管仲说军中的老马有认路的本领。于是齐桓公让管仲挑选了几匹老马,让它们在大军的最前面带路。最终走出了山谷,找到了回齐国的路。这个成语比喻有 经验的人熟悉情况,能在某个方面起指引的作用。

老马识途 ( lǎo mǎ shí tú )
【翻译】 An Old Horse Knows the Way.
【释义】 途:路,道路。老马认识曾经走过的道路。比喻有经验的人熟悉情况,能在某个方面起
【例句】 购买古董,要有老马识途的人带路,才不会买到假货。
【近义词】 老成持重、轻车熟路
【反义词】 不知所以、乳臭未干

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