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Home Chinese Idiom 狼狈为奸 ( láng bèi wéi jiān )
狼狈为奸 ( láng bèi wéi jiān )
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A wolf and a jackal often went hunting together. Once they came to a sheepfold the walls of which were toohigh for them to get over.Then the wolf stood on the back of the jackal. In this way the wolf climbed over the wall to where the sheep were. This idiom is used to describe doing evil things in collusion with others.


 狼狈为奸 ( láng bèi wéi jiān )
【翻译】 Wolves Work Together
【释义】 狼狈:狼与狈两种动物。比喻互相勾结干坏事。
【例句】 小明和小张两人狼狈为奸,将公司机密卖给别人,贪图利益。
【近义词】 同流合污、气味相投
【反义词】 志同道合、情投意合


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