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Home Chinese Idiom 一箭双雕 (yī jiàn shuāng diāo)
一箭双雕 (yī jiàn shuāng diāo)
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In the period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties (nán běi cháo 南北朝,420-589AD) there was an expert archer named Zhangsun Cheng (Zhǎng sūn shèng 长孙晟). One day he went hunting together with a friend. Suddenly they saw two vultures fighting for a piece of meat high in the air. His friend handed him two arrows, and said, " Can you shoot down both vultures?" Zhangsun Cheng dffortlessly killed both vultures with only one arrow.This recorded episode became known as Yi-jian-shuang-diao, similar to the statement getting two birds with one stone. The expression is said of getting two separate results in one go and is a compliment of one’s outstanding achievement of succeeding in several tasks simultaneously with sill and talent. It is the expression for achieve a dual purpose.

南北朝时代,有个名叫长孙晟的人,聪明敏捷,特别善于射箭。一天他同朋友一起去打猎, 忽然看见两只雕在空中争夺一块肉。他的朋友立即给了长孙晟两只箭,说:“你能把两只雕都射下来吗?” 长孙晟不慌不忙拉开弓,只射了一箭,。“嗖”的一声,两只大雕便串在一起掉落下了。朋友直夸他好箭法。一箭双雕的表达由此而来,与一石二鸟意义相近。 “一箭双雕”比喻用一种办法同时得到两种收获或效果。

一箭双雕 (yī jiàn shuāng diāo)
【翻译】 Two hawks with one arrow.
【释义】 雕:一种凶猛的大鸟。一箭双雕指射箭技术高超,一箭射中两只雕。
【例句】 同学们在学习的过程中不仅温习了课文也了解了考试的内容,可谓”一箭双雕”!
【近义词】 一石二鸟、一举两得、 两全其美
【反义词】 事倍功半、玉石俱焚、 两败俱伤


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