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Home History and Culture Little Things in Old Beijing (1)
Little Things in Old Beijing (1)
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There is an old legend saying a bird with 10 heads in heaven was depreciated into human's world. Not repenting though, it made destruction anywhere and brought misery to humans. So the king of Zhou ordered his courtier, Jiang Ziya, the most talented person at that time to handle this. Jiang ziya figured out that this bird was mostly afraid of windmill and he made such a thing to repel evil. The bird with 10 heads disappeared then. The citizens learned to do windmill from Jiang Ziya and it became a popular thing In Beijing.

Lamps with cycling horses

It is one kind of folk color lamps starting from Song Dynasty. There are two layers in the lamp and beautiful pictures are stick into the inner side. When light on, the inside layer begins to cycle because of heat and it seems from outside that horses and people are walking here and there.

In the past, in the traditional Spring Festival and other happy days, lamps with cycling horses are shown together with dozens of children dancing and sing around to express people's happiness and wishes to the future.


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