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Home Living in China Chinese Law A Brief Introduction to the Tourist Visa
A Brief Introduction to the Tourist Visa
Chinese Law
A Brief Introduction to the Tourist Visa
A tourist visa, issued to aliens who come to china for sightseeing and visiting relatives, is marked with ?L? in the many kinds of Chinese visas. Visa L is characterized by a short duration of stay, usually 30 days, no more than 90 days, and could not be extended upon expiration.

Group visa, another kind of tourist visa, is applied by foreigner traveling in tour groups. Group visa is not issued on the passports, but on a separate paper, which requires the group members enter and exit the Chinese border together.

From Nov. 15th 2000, aliens traveling to Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions(SAR) in tour groups organized by travel agencies registered in the above-mentioned SARs are exempted from visa requirements for a period of not exceeding 6 days when entering into the following Chinese mainland cities: Guangzhong, Shenzhen, zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jinangmen, Zhaoqing, Huizhou,etc. The premise is that the traveler shall have the citizenship of a country having diplomatic relations with the People?s Republic of China and carrying an ordinary passport.

    旅游签证是签证种类中的一种,有一些国家专门为旅游者颁发旅游签证,即:“tourist visa”。旅游签证的特点是停留期短,一般为30天,最长为90天,一般不能延期。持旅游签证者不能在当地打工或从事与旅游无关的活动。团体旅游签证是旅游签证中的一种,其特点是签证不做在护照上,旅游者须随团集体出、入国境。


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