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Maple of Fragrant Hills
Travel in Beijing
The autumn in Beijing is the best season to admire the charm of the Fragrant Hills, which has won its fame all over the world with its maple leaves. Temple of Azure Clouds, Zhaomiao (Bright Temple) and Shuangqing Villa are beautified by maples on the Fragrant Hills while the maples are highlighted by those historic sites.

Fragrant Hills are densely covered by ancient trees. Thus, spring arrives late in the area and summer days are always pleasantly cool. The main peak, Worried Ghost Peak had an elevation of 557 meters. Clouds and mist often engulf its precipitously angled cliffs, which give the two large stone excrescences of the peak a resemblance to incense burners.

 Nearly260,000 trees were planted, over 5,800 were years-growing trees, taking account 1/4 of the total number of ancient trees in Beijing. The green coverage is approximated to 98%. According to the report from the local meteorological bureau, it is one of those places where the concentration of negative oxyanion was the highest. The Fragrant Hills boasts of its beautiful landscape and tourists through out the four seasons. The most beautiful sight here is the maple leaves. They grow on the smoke trees and turn red after frosts in late autumn. Then all the hills are attired in these maple leaves which seem to reach the rosy clouds in the sky. The Fragrant Hills was selected one of the 16 most beautiful sceneries in New Beijing.

Tourists can take either a Cable Car or Chairlift to the summit (Incense Burner Peak). Other scenic spots, like Summer Palace, Beijing Plant Garden and the Temple of the Sleeping Buddha (Wo Fo Si) are all within walking distance.